The research at NCLOS are organized in five work packages: 

 I. Rethinking the Spatial Architecture of the Law of the Sea and Ocean Goverance

Leader: Associate Professor Signe V. Busch

Task 1: Arctic Ocean Goverance. 

Task 2: Ocean Connectivity. 


II. Reassesing the Logic of Sovereignty and Common Interests

Leader: Associate Professor Elise Johansen

Task 1: The problem of sovereignty and common interests. 

Task 2: Reassessing sovereignty through strengthened cooperation. 


III. Reassessing the Goverance of ocean Commons and the role of Common Interests and Justice

Leader: Professor Ingvild Ulrikke Jakobsen

Task 1: The status of ocean commons.

Task 2: Common interests and ocean justice in ocean commons. 


IV. Theorizing the Law of the Sea

Leader: Associate Professor Vito De Lucia

Task 1: Law-in-context

Task 2: Legal geography

Task 3: Critical jurisprudence


V. Novel perspectives

Leader: Professor Tore Henriksen

This WP aims at providing integration and exchange of research ideas, and on the basis of the findings from the WPs. 














Specific research projects