Some of our newest publications

Eva Romée van der Marel

"An Opaque Blacklist: the Lack of Transparency in Identifying Non Cooperating Countries under the EU IUU Regulation",  Natural Resources and the Law of the Sea: Exploration, Allocation, Exploitation of Natural Resources in Areas under National Jurisdiction and Beyond. Juris Publishing 2017.


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Margherita Paola Poto

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Magne Frostad

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Claudia Cinelli

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Vito De Lucia

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Vito De Lucia

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Ingvild Ulrikke Jakobsen and Elise Johansen

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Margherita Poto

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Claudia Cinelli

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Øystein Jensen

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Øystein Jensen

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Erik J. Moleenar

Erik J. Molenaar, together with R. Billé, L. Chabason, P. Drankier and J. Rochette, “Regional Oceans Governance. Making Regional Seas Programmes, Regional Fishery Bodies and Large Marine Ecosystem Mechanisms Work Better Together", published by the United Nations Environment Programme in the series Regional Seas Reports and Studies (No. 197: 2016).

Claudia Cinelli

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Ingvild Ulrikke Jakobsen and Nele Matz-Lück

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Vito De Lucia

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Tore Henriksen

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Erik J. Molenaar

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Øystein Jensen

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Gunnar Sander

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Claudia Cinelli

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Øystein Jensen

"The Seaward Limits of the Continental Shelf Beyond 200 Nautical Miles in the Arctic Ocean: Legal Framework and State Practice." L.C.Jensen and G.Hønneland  (eds), Handbook of the Politics of the Arctic. Cheltenham, Edward Elgar, 2015, pp. 227-246.

Claudia Cinelli

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Erik J. Molenaar

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Erik J. Molenaar

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Editors: Marta Chantal Ribero and Erik J. Molenaar

Proceedings of the MARSAFENET Porto Conference.

Øystein Jensen

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Vito de Lucia

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Martin Hennig

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Erik J. Molenaar

International Law on Arctic Fisheries, Polar Law and Resources

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The Energy Policies of Selected Arctic States, Polar Law and Resources

Alex Oude Elferink

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Alex Oude Elferink, Don Rothwell, Tim Stephens and Karen Scott

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Svein Vigeland Rottem,

‘A Note on the Arctic Council Agreements’. Ocean Development and International Law, Vol 46, No 1, 2015, pp. 50-59.

Anders Grønstad Friisk

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Irene Dahl

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Irene Dahl

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Erik J. Molenaar

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Øystein Jensen

"The Commission on the Limits of the Continental Shelf: Law and Legitimacy", Brill(Nijhoff (Leiden/Boston, 2014), 316 p.


Susann Funderud Skogvang

" Extractive Industries in the North – What about Environmental Law and Indigenous Peoples’ Rights?", Nordic Environmental Law Journal, 2014:1

Mattias Åhren

"International Human Rights Law Relevant to Natural Resource Extraction in Indigenous Territories – An Overview", Nordic Environmental Law Journal, 2014:1

Ingvild Jakobsen

"Extractive Industries in Arctic: The International Legal Framework for the Protection of the Environment", Nordic Environmental Law Journal, 2014:1

Øystein Jensen

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Jensen, Øystein. Noreg og havets folkerett, Adademika forlag, ISBN978-82-321-0393-5

Jakobsen, Ingvild

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Molenaar, Erik Jaap.
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9781781009406. s. 74-89

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