The main aims of INREL are

  • to produce solid research on articulations of indigenous religion(s) in different contexts around the world through empirical case studies, close collaboration between researchers and stakeholders, careful comparisons, and critical analysis.
  • to generate and disseminate knowledge about the divergent roles of indigenous religion(s) in complex contemporary contexts.
  • to function as a collaborative international hub for studies of indigenous religion(s).


Special aims for 2020 are

  • to complete the INREL project funded by the Research Council of Norway (FRIPRO 2015-2020) with the publication of a co-authored book titled Indigenous Religion(s): Local Grounds, Global Networks on Routledge.
  • to inaugurate the new project "The Governmateriality of Indigenous Religion(s)" (GOVMAT), funded by the Research Council of Norway (FRIPRO 2020-2024).