Studying Earth Observation

If you want to study Earth Observation or Remote Sensing, please contact one of our members.

Relevant courses

The following courses cover Earth observation and satellite remote sensing, and are lectured by the staff of the Earth Observation Laboratory. 

FYS-3001 Physics of Remote Sensing – 10 ECTS credits
FYS-3023 Applied Remote Sensing – 10 ECTS credits

The following Bachelor and Master level courses are highly relevant to our research activities, to the master projects offered, and are recommended to those who want to work with us:

FYS-1009 Introduksjon til klima og miljøovervåkning - 10 ECTS

FYS-2006 Signal processing – 10 ECTS credits
FYS-2010 Image analysis – 10 ECTS credits

FYS-3012 Pattern recognition – 10 ECTS credits
STA-3001 Computer-intensive statistics – 10 ECTS credits
STA-3002 Multivariable statistical analysis – 10 ECTS credits

Note that courses are given both as master level courses and Ph.D. level courses, distinguished by the course code (e.g., Fys-3xxx vs. Fys-8xxx). They are lectured together, but there might be differences in the curriculum and course requirements.


Several students have visited the Earth Observation group as interns for a few weeks or months. If you are interested in doing an internship with us, please get in touch with one of our staff members.

Examples of completed internship projects:

  • 2023 – Clément Stouls
    Creation of an interface that enables to easily build, deploy and run a modular workflow for remote sensing image analysis, based on the Airflow framework
  • 2023 – Cora Hoppe
    Sea ice type separation using S- and L-band Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) - A NISAR pre-study 
  • 2020 – Catherine Taelman
    Deep spectral clustering for feature selection in multimodal remote sensing data 
  • 2018 – Jean Claude Koumi
    Custom focusing of synthetic aperture radar data for improved object detection 
  • 2017 – Szymon Klepacz
    Ice / water classification in SAR images using convolutional neural networks 
  • 2016 – Jeroen van Houtte
    Embedding incidence angle correction for segmentation of SAR images 
  • 2015 – Angelina Peng
    Polarimetric SAR data and decompositions on full-polarimetric data from the N-ICE 2015 campaign 
  • 2013 – Pierrick Herodier
    Co-registration of SAR data from an experiment in Rijpfjorden, Svalbard
  • 2012 – Pascal Jordi
    Creating a MATLAB interface to Noruts (nowadays NORCE) GSAR data format 

Master projects

The section Master Thesis Proposals gives an overview of master projects currenlty offered in the Earth Observation group. Below is a list of some of the projects done in the past. 

PhD fellowships

Vacant PhD positions in the Earth Observation group are advertised on Jobbnorge.