HAS Lunches autumn 2018

15 November: Møte slash lunsj (Ha med matpakke. Kaffe, te og vafler blir servert.)

Kl. 11-12 Henrik Johnsson presenterer sitt prosjekt om Madness and occultism

Kl. 12-13 Sandy Goldbeck-Wood introduserer sitt dr.philos prosjekt When bodies speak and words act - poetry, psychosomatic illness and the lost art of medicine

8 November: Ann-Therese Lotherington on the dementia/diary-project

1 November: Linda Nesby on the Wergeland-project

25 October: Ingeborg Høvik on the Trastad project

18 October: Lise-Mari Lauritzen on her presentation given at the NAFOL-research school

11 October: Seminar for the Department of Language and culture

4 October: Cathinka Dahl Hambro presenting seminar on the experience of pain and suffering in a contemprary perspective (article by Ola Sigurdsson will be distributed beforehand)

27 September A 3019 (merk nytt møterom) Henrik Johnsson on the forthcoming HAS-research seminars 

20 September: NB 11.30-12.30 Ciprian Gerstenberger og Linda Nesby on Naja Marie Aidt's Har døden taget noget fra dig, så giv det tilbage and digital humanities.

13 September: cancelled because of Paris-symposium

6 September: Cathinka Dahl Hambro and Linda Nesby "Introduction to the Paris-symposium"

30 August: -

23 August: Paula R. Mikalsen "The Manchester presentation"

16 August: Ingri Løkholm Ramberg "The IASS presentation" and Lise-Mari Lauritzen "The AU Summer School 2018"


HAS Meetings autumn 2018


Adjunct Professor Matías Martinez is visiting HAS 2-5 December

Tuesday 4 December: Social gathering at Linda’s place 19.00-

Wednesday 5 December 13.15-15.00 Workshop with Matías Martinez


Thursday 15, 11.00-13.00 Henrik Johnsson introduces his project on Madness and occultism and Sandy Goldbeck-Wood presents her dr.philos project When bodies speak and words act - poetry,
psychosomatic illness and the lost art of medicine


Wednesday 3. October 13.30-15.15 Ingeborg Høvik om Nitter-prosjektet and Cathinka Dahl Hambro and Linda Nesby on status after the Paris-symposium; publication, projects and members

Monday 29, 10.15-12.00 room A-3021 we mee for a HAS-workshop. At the workshop we will discuss the group's strategy (a draft will be distributed in advance). After the lecture there will be lunch. Later in  room SVHUM-C 1004 14.15-16.00 Senior lecturer Katarina Bernhardsson, Lund University, will give a guestlecture on Sara Stridsberg´s Beckomberga (2015). Contact person: Ingri Løkholm Ramberg. 

Tuesday 30, 10.15-12.00 Professor Paul Crawford, University of Nottingham, gives a guest lecture on Health humanities. SVHUM E-0101. Contact person Linda Nesby


HAS-symposium in Paris 9-11 September

All meetings/workshops take place at SVHUM A-3021 

Nordic Network for Narratives in Medicine.

In collaboration with Department for the Study of Culture and the advanced studies project Uses of Literature, participants are invited to attend the first workshop of the network 4-5 October 2017 at University of Southern Denmark in Odense.

Another network meeting will be held in spring 2018 in Lund and in autumn 2018 in Oslo. 

The workshops will:
-map out research and teaching activities within the field of narratives in medicine in the Nordic countries 
-investigate the link between literature, philosophy and medicine
-produce a number of articles, published in literary, philosophical and medical journals 
-prepare an application for a long-term funding.

Stories of Illness / Disability in Literature and Comics. Intersections of the Medical, the Personal, and the Cultural

October 27-28, 2017 in Berlin, Germany

Keynote speakerLeigh Gilmore (Wellesley College), Author of The Limits of Autobiography: Trauma and Testimony (2001) and Tainted Witness: Why we doubt what women say about their lives (2017)

This two-day academic conference examines the ways in which knowledge and experience of illness and disability circulate within the realms of medicine, art, the personal and the cultural. We invite papers that address this question from a variety of different perspectives, including literary scholarship, comics studies, media studies, disability studies, and health humanities/ sociology/ geography.


Inaugural Congress of the Northern Network for Medical Humanities Research
14th-15th September 2017 - Durham University

Narrative matters

The conference Narrative Matters will take place in the Netherlands in July 2018. Molly Andrews, Bill Randale and sveral other excellent scholars will attend, and the conference will particularly focus on the significance of interdisciplinarity. 

Preliminary programme/information: https://www.utwente.nl/en/bms/narrativematters2018/program/

Meetings spring 2017

The meetings takes place on Mondays from 13-15 after a common lunch. All beetings will be in room A-3021 in the HSL building.

9 January: Status for the confercnce Patients stories in Context

22 January: Dinner for HAS members and keynote speakers at Roast at 19:00. 

23 and 24 January: Patient stories in Context

13 February: Wenche Torrissen, Høgskulen i Volda

6 March: Guest lecture by Mike Lundblad, UiO

23 and 24 April: workshop in Paris at CUNP

15 May: Guest lecture by Nora Simonhjell, University of Stavanger, on Vetle Lied Larsen's «Hvordan elske en far og overleve».

16 May: Discussion of Shlomit Rimmon-Kenans: What Can Narrative Theory Learn from Illness Narratives? Possibly presentation of one further article.

6 June: Discussion of articles - suggestions to be forwarded to Linda.

Workshop in Paris 24 and 25 April 2017

Monday and Tuesday 24-25 April, HAS arranges the workshop "Patient stories from across disciplinary points of view". The workshop takes place at Centre Universitaire de Norvège à Paris (CUNP). CUNP covers lunch and dinner expenses.

The participants will present papers related to the preparation of an anthology.

Meetings autumn 2016 

The meetings takes place Mondays 13-15 after a common lunch. All meetings will be in room A-3021 in the HSL building.

  • Monday 10 October: Discuss the status of "Patient stories in Context" conference
  • Monday 14 November: New HAS member ph.d. student Dragana Lukic presents her project «The first-person experience of dementia in fiction film and literature: From the perspective of feminist visual theories of technosciences”. 
  • Monday 28 November: Paper presentation by Marie Theres Federhofer
  • Monday 5 December: Guest lecture by Katarina Bernhardsson, Lund University