Research Projects

Ongoing research and develoment projects

  • The contested nature of Allemannsretten: Renegotiating local customs and small-scale farming in periphery landscapes
    Funded by: Forskningsrådet

  • New Sámi Renaissance: Nordic Colonialism, Social Change and Indigenous Cultural Policy
    This project seeks to strengthen Sámi self-determination and cultural revitalization through better understanding of the complex social, political and economic forces which are reshaping the politics of indigeneity within Nordic countries (project leader: Laura Aikio, Tromsø Museum).
    Funded by: Forskningsrådet

  • Taking back the Museum - Opening the Space of Community Museums
    to Recover the Art of Indigenous People

    This project aims at working with both indigenous communities in Sápmi and Mexico to engage with strengthening local ownership and community (project leader Prof. Lea Kantonen, University of Helsinki)
    Funded by: Kone foundation

  • Mediating Arctic Geographies
    This interdisciplinary project that explores the poetics and politics of Arctic geographies in contemporary fiction and art.
    Funded by: The Academy of Finland

  • TRUCOM: Forventninger, sannhet og forsoning i en demokratisk velferdsstat

    Forskningsprosjektet TRUCOM skal etablere kunnskap om hvordan den norske Sannhets- og forsoningskommisjonen som ble opprettet av Stortinget i 2018, fortolker og iverksetter sitt mandat.
    Funded by: Forskningsrådet

  • Okta: Kunst og friksjonsfylte fellesskap i Sápmi (Research Partner)
    Forskningsprosjektet Okta: Kunst og friksjonsfylte fellesskap i Sápmi undersøker hvordan kunst inngår i og virker på møtesteder for den samiske minoritet og de nordiske majoritetsbefolkninger. Med utgangspunkt i analyser av kunstens rolle og funksjon på kulturfestivaler i Sápmi søker prosjektet å arbeide frem ny kunnskap om hvordan kunst kan skape friksjon og sprekker som åpner for at samisk kulturkunnskap og kunstneriske uttrykk kan artikuleres og forhandles i felles offentligheter.
    Funded by: Kulturrådet - Arts Council Norway

  • ‘Culturally Sensitive Tourism in the Arctic’ – ARCTISEN (Partner, WP leader)
    The project develops a support system for start-ups and existing small and medium-sized enterprises offering innovative tourism products and services. Expanding tourist interest in the Arctic brings unforeseen opportunities to maintain local livelihoods and lifestyles. The project partners in Finland, Sweden, Norway, Canada and Denmark/Greenland highlight the pressing demand for new tourism products and services that draw on the rich natural and cultural resources of the region. Simultaneously, limited knowledge of indigenous and other local cultures in Northern communities calls for more open and sensitive dialogue among different tourism actors. Here you can visit the Arctisen Facebook page.
    Funded by: Northern Periphery and Arctic Programme

  • Čatnat
    Forskning med og for innovasjon i samisk reiseliv og kreative næringer.
    Funded by: Regionale forskningsfond

  • Sustainability: Arctic Tourism in Times of Change (Research Partner)
    The project focuses on three specific issues in order to enhance the sustainability of Arctic tourism: 1) seasonality of Arctic tourism, 2) urban tourism in the Arctic and 3) overtourism in the Arctic. These three core issues relate closely to the recent rapid growth of tourism in Northern areas and need to be addressed in order to balance the growth and in order to enable sustainable prosperity of the area.
    Funded by: Nordic Council of Ministers


Completed research and development projects

  • Nærmiljø og lokalsamfunn som fremmer folkehelse
    Funded by: Helsedirektoratet
  • WhaleFeast - Ecological, commercial and social challenges of the recent extreme winter arrivals of whales in Northern Norway. Funded by: Norges forskningsråd (2018-2020)
  • Arctic Encounters: Contemporary Travel/Writing in the European High North.
    Funded by: HERA (2013-2016)
  • Dark Ecology
    Funded by: BarentsKult, Public Art Norway, Arts Council Norway, Creative Industries Fund NL, Creative Europe Programme of the European Union, PNEK, Mondriaan Fund, Paradiso, Arts Council Norway - The Audio Visual Fund, Finnmark County Municipality, Bergen Municipality, Norwegian Visual Artists Association, Nordland County Council, City of Bergen and Troms County Council (2013-2016)