UiT Societal Security Workshops

Since 2016, the RG S3E3 organizes annually an international UiT Societal Security Workshop, where leading scholars in the field, external project partners and participants, practitioners, staff members and students come together in order to promote and benefit from knowledge sharing and cooperation.


5th UiT Societal Security Workshop on 2 November 2020 14-16 CEST: learning from crises!

The 2020 workshop took place on 2 November 2020 14-15 CEST. Due to covid-19, it was not a traditional conference-type of setting but was organised as a streamed roundtable in our Tromsø campus, featuring international guests from Europe and the U.S. We also had a UiT student representative in the roundtable. The audience could join by online on an interactive platform. According to the software statistics, a bit more than 100 persons looked at the live workshop, and some of then participated interactively in the discussion.

The workshop had a topical theme.


Related to the ongoing covid-19 crisis but also taking into account other former and potential future crises of different types and magnitude, the workshop discussed the issue from the perspective of Societal Safety and Security Education.

  • Do our study programmes provide a useful coverage for preparing the students to deal with the crises of the current world?
  • Do we take into account enough the consequences of globalisation, the increasingly transboundary nature of crises, their complexity in terms of their causes and impact, the need for interdisciplinary knowledge that is essential in crisis management?
  • Does our education provide the students with the necessary theoretical and methodological tools to understand and do research on the current crises?
  • What about practice, do the study programmes prepare for the ‘real world’, that is, practical work at the level of civil society, national and local public administrations, private companies and critical infrastructure, international organisations, and so forth?
  • All in all, what is the state-of-the-art of the current education in our field and how could it be enhanced?

For more, see the workshop webpage!  

Past workshops

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4th UiT Societal Security Workshop in November 2019. Special Director Ørjan Karlsson from the Norwegian Civil Protection Authority (DSB) gives a presentation on the modernised total defence concept.