UiT Societal Security Workshops

Since 2016, the RG S3E3 organizes annually an international UiT Societal Security Workshop, where leading scholars in the field, external project partners and participants, practitioners, staff members and students come together in order to promote and benefit from knowledge sharing and cooperation.


Past workshops

5th UiT Societal security Workshop, 2-3 November 2020, Campus Tromsø (online)

4th UiT Societal Security Workshop, 5-6 November 2019, Campus Harstad 

3rd UiT Societal Security Workshop, 15-16 November 2018, Campus Tromsø

2nd UiT Societal Security Workshop, 23 November 2017, Campus Tromsø

1st UiT Societal Security Workshop, 28 November 2016, Campus Tromsø


4th UiT Societal Security Workshop in November 2019. Special Director Ørjan Karlsson from the Norwegian Civil Protection Authority (DSB) gives a presentation on the modernised total defence concept.