Activities 2015

September 15th-18th

SARG members Engelstad, Damm and Skandfer joined co-organizer Gjerde for the ACRA III (Alta Conference on Rock Art) in Alta, held in honour of Prof. Knut Helskog. Gjerde, Damm and Skandfer presented papers. The program included several excursions (by night and day) to the many rock art panels in the area.

An uncommon motif, a hare stands out clearly in the lamplight. Foto: C.Damm
Prof. Ericka Engelstad at the amtnannsnes site. Foto: xxx

May 2015  SARG visit to Oulu

Skandfer and Damm visited the archaeology section at Oulu University to exchange information on ongoing projects and to discuss increased contact and collaboration. They also visited Kierikki Stone Age Centre, where curator Leena Lehtinen and Sami Viljanmaa showed us around, and a number of archaeological sites in and around Oulu.

The reconstructed Stone Age houses at Kieriikki. Foto: C.Damm