Activities in 2022

December 1st-4th

Dr. Ben Elliott from the University of Highlands and Islands visited the research group and gave a presentation at the  regular department research seminars.

November 17th

Gjerde presented at FRAM-dagen: The resilience of settlements Interacting and negotiating with landslides, shore displacements and fluvial events in the inner Altafjord, northern Norway

November 7th-9th

Dr. Barry Taylor from University of Chester visited and gave a presentation. 

November 3rd-5th

Skandfer presented at NAM - Det norske arkeologmøtetDokumentasjon av bruk og gjenbruk i steinalderen. Erfaringer fra et forskningsprosjekt.

October 20th-22nd

Gjerde presented at the Rock Art Dialogues. New Perspectives in Theory, Method and Practice conference in Bonn, Germany. Title: Scales of Rock Art and Landscapes: Geographical Information in Stone Age Rock Art in Northern Europe.

September 15th-17th

Damm participated at the conference Human Agency and Global Challenges: Re-Centering Social Change in Archaeology at the University of Bergen, Norway. 

June 26th-July 1st

Vollan, Skandfer, Gjerde and Damm participated at  CHAGS (Conference for Hunting and Gathering Societies) at University College Dublin, Ireland (a conference postponed from 2020). This was an opportunity to present results from the Stone Age Demogtraphics project and to network with scholars from predominantly archaeology and anthropology. This interdisciplinary conference is an exiting venue for scholars working with hunter-fisher-gatherer communities, past and present.  

June 9th-10th

Damm participated at the "Under Pressure" conference hosted by the Archaeological Museum in Stavanger, norway. The conference focussed on disaster and how communites cope with these. 

May 24th-25th 

The Stone Age Demographis project hosted a concluding seminar at Sommarøy outside Tromsø.

All project participants and associated researchers were invited to this two day workshop. The results were summarised through brief presentations and still ongoing research and articles in progress was put forward for constructive input. The implication of the proejct results for future studies discussed, as well as ideas for future projects.

May 9th

Gjerde presented at the reseaerch seminar at the Archaeological Museum, Universitety of Stavanger: Nytt lys på bosetning og bergkunst frå Steinalderen i Altafjord-området

April 19th-30th

Dr. Aki Hakonen from Oulo spent the best part of two weeks visiting. He presented his recent reserach and we exchanged information and ideas over the course of this stay.