Activities in 2021


Damm visited CAU, Kiel, Germany as Johanna Mestorf Academic Chair by invitation from the Roots Cluster of Excellence.

November 18th-20th

Damm participated the conference "Boas Talks" at CAU, Kiel, Germany.

October 28th-31st

Gjerde and Damm participated at the XXVIII Valcamonica Symposium, Italy. Presentation published in ROCK-ART, A HUMAN HERITAGE - Proceedings of the XXVIII Valcamonica Symposium, Capo di Ponte (Valcamonica), October 28 to 31, 2021  

The session organisers Jan Magne gjerde (NIKU) and Heidrun Stebergløkken (NTNU) Foto: C.Damm
September 6th-11th

Damm and Gjerde participated in a total of 5 different sessions at the online EAA conference organised by CAU, Kiel, Germany. 

June 30th-July 2nd

Damm participated at the online workshop “Scale Matters: The Quality of Quantity in Research on Social Relations” organised by Prof. thomas Widlok at the University of Cologne. Proceedings published in Widlok, T. & Cruz, M.Dores (eds) Scale Matters: The Quality of Quantity in Research in Human Culture and Sociality. Bielefeld: transcript Verlag, Culture and Theory 263.

May 27th-28th

Damm participated at the online Social Inequality in Prehistory Workshop hosted by the University of Copenhagen. with the presentation Being fluid, dividual and multiple: why stratification is hard amongst small-scale foragers

May 21st

Damm participated in the online workshop "Decolonising the Mesolithic" organised by Graeme Warren (UCD) and Ben Elliott (Newcastle). A brief summary published in  Elliott, B., Damm, C., Nyland, A., Piezonka, H., Porr, M., Nilsson Stutz, L. & Warren, G. 2022. Decolonising the Mesolithic? Mesolithic Miscellany, 29 (2), 59-61.

May 17th-18th

Skandfer, Gjerde and Damm particpated in the hybrid  workshop "Neolithic Dwellings" hosted by The Institute for the histyory of Material culture RAS in St. Petersburg, Russia. The proceedings are published.