Symposium “Exploring Global Health in the Arctic”

The symposium “Exploring Global Health in the Arctic” was arranged in Tromsø 22 - 23 January 2018 by Centre for Arctic and Global Health and Migra-Nord, both UiT – The Arctic University of Norway, in collaboration with People’s Health Movement Scandinavia and Norwegian Forum for Global Health Research/Global Health Norway.

The symposium discussed global health initiatives springing out of Tromsø’s academic and professional community, and the aspect of solidarity in responses to global health challenges driven by conflict, migration and neoliberal practices across the world.

 More specifically, the programme included presentations and debates under the following headlines:

  • Solidarity in health – “Folk-til-folk” (People-to-people) collaboration in practice in north and south
  • Social movements: Successful mechanisms to stop austerity measures in healthcare services
  • Migrants and indigenous people: minority health care and structural challenges

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  • Paul Farmer - Rights-based approaches to health in a commercialized landscape
  • Lars Georg Fordal - Folk-til-folk: the political importance of People-to-people collaboration in the far north


  • Hans Husum - Redefining humanitarianism: An old war surgeon's account of the global civil war 
  • Margit Steinholt - Obstetrics training in Cambodia
  • Nenad Tajsic - Open fracture management in low- resource settings: a medical training experience on limb salvage surgery in Cambodian hospitals 
  • Kristine Andreassen - ocial navigation among youths from shanty towns in Haiti: searching for opportunities within a life-threatening environment
  • Trond Flægstad - Azithromycin versus placebo for the treatment of HIV-associated chronic lung disease in children and adolescents (BREATHE trial) in Zimbabwe and Malawi
  • Gunnar Skov Simonsen - Antibiotic stewardship and conservancy in Sub-Saharan Africa
  • Kirsti Henriksen - Solidarity in education 
  • Odd Edvardsen - Research school in Cambodia
  • Inger Pauline Landsem - Exchanging knowledge and strategies in early care for infants and their families 
  • Sergey Kungurtsev - Confronting diabetes in the North – Russian-Norwegian collaboration 
  • Anje Höper and Morten Skandfer - Cross-border cooperation from a practical perspective 
  • Hilde-Irén Liland - 15 years experience of cooperation with Russia 
  • Laila Hopstock - Heart to Heart 
  • Tore Sørlie - Cooperation on the development of psychiatric health services in Arkhangelsk Oblast emphasizing relational capital and local anchorage


  • Ted Schrecker - Neoliberal epidemics: history, etiology, and a view from Ground Zero 
  • Anuj Kapilashrami 1 - International perspectives on neoliberalism: Conflicts, commercialisation & policy capture in global health
  • Anuj Kapilashrami 2 - Case for PHM 
  • Gunnar Ågren - Neoliberalism and health care – a Nordic perspective 



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