EPINORs scientific profile.  We offer funding of PhD students activities, and various forms of support to course teachers and supervisors." />


The PhD stu­dents are encour­aged to attend courses at the other Uni­ver­si­ties of Nor­way as well as inter­na­tional courses. If attend­ing a course at another Insti­tute, EPINOR pro­vides finan­cial sup­port. As part of EPINOR new courses will be devel­oped at the dif­fer­ent institutions.

EPINOR is not respon­si­ble for course admis­sion etc. The stu­dents must con­tact the host insti­tu­tion and apply for admis­sion to each course. We appreciates feedback on courses that are needed nationally as well as good international courses.

The University of Stavanger (under construction)
Multivariat analyse: Anvendt faktor- og regresjonsanalyse (DLE100)
Designs and methodological approaches in health sciences
Gathering based
No, Autumn
Yes, Autumn
No, Spring
Yes, Autumn