EPINORs scientific profile.  We offer funding of PhD students activities, and various forms of support to course teachers and supervisors." /> EPINORs scientific profile.  We offer funding of PhD students activities, and various forms of support to course teachers and supervisors." />

Newsletter December

Dear students, supervisors and EPINOR friends. Here is the EPINOR newsletter for December. This time we can report from the EPINOR Annual Meeting, two local student meetings and more. We hope you will enjoy it! Keep us and your fellow reserachers up to date by sending an email to epinor@uit.no!

In the picture you see our happy steering committe. From the top left: Trond Riise (UiB), Ingeborg Forthun (student UiB), Eivind Skarpsno (student NTNU), Tom Ivar Lund Nilsen (NTNU), Jo Røislien (UiS), Mange Thoresen (UiO), May Karin Dyrendahl (adm NTNU), Line Løw (adm UiO) Middle: Elin Gundersen (adm UiB), Maja Todoroska (adm UiO), Paz Lopez-Doriga Ruiz (student UiO) Front Row: Magne Nylenna (FHI), Elisabete Weiderpass (Scientific Leader EPINOR), Karl-Christian Nordby (STAMI) Unfortunaltey not in the picture: Torkjel Sandanger (Scientific Manager EPINOR), Marko Lukic (student UiT), Steinar Tretli (Cancer Registry), Per Nafstad (UiO), Ingrid Tjoflåt (adm UiS) , Bente Schøning (adm UiT)

EPINOR 2018 

12th December the EPINOR Steering Committee met in Tromsø. The one-day meeting included many discussions about the future of EPINOR. One of the changes that were made is that EPINOR now allows double memberships. EPINOR members can be members of other reserach school if they wish. 

EPINOR will continue to improve the Epidemiological PhD courses at our partner universities through collaboration across the institutions. We will arrange a supervisor seminar together with The National Research School in Global Health and BioCat. Together with Norbis  we will arrange a workshop on systems epidemiology in February and EPINOR wants to work on establishing a new PhD course in cancer epidemiology as well as a course in systems epidemiology. Locally, on each EPINOR university, EPINOR will arrange a seminar with the topic - How to go abroad on a research stay.   

In addition to this we will of course continue with local student lunches/colloquiums, our national summer school (in Tromsø) and our annual meeting (in Trondheim).

Happy Holidays! 

EPINOR has gathered all the courses that we beleive can be useful to you as a PhD student in population based epidemiology. If you find a course at an other university than your home university, you apply to the courses as an external student. You will get priority as an EPINOR member.

In November EPINOR arranged a supervisor seminar together with the national research school BioCat. The eminar was a pilot project and it was arranged locally in Tromsø. We got good feedback from the attendants and we would like to arrange a similar seminar in 2018. Do you know of a supervior who would be interested? Please let them know! More information will follow in 2018.

Welcome to the 5th EPINOR and the 4th CASE Summer School. Systematic Reviews Workshop, Tromso, June 2018. We start the Summer School with a Research Presentation Grand Prix - and Biostatistician Jo Røislien will host the event. For more information about the Summer School follow this link

In October I attended the course “Introduction to Epidemiology”. The course was held at Universita Cattolica del Sacro Cuore in Rome and covered important epidemiologic topics with the aim to provide participants with insight into the principles and techniques used to produce and interpret epidemiologic data. The course was held by Kenneth J. Rothman and Vera Ehrenstein.

Vilde Lehne Michalsen, Jon Håkon Rudolfsen and Laxmi Bhatta participated on the Workshop on Causal Inference in Health Registry Research at UiO. The topics adressed were timevarying confounding, IVA and mediation analysis. It was a two day workshop and alle three were funded by EPINOR to attend. Read their stories and check out how you can apply for similar grants from EPINOR.  

The course “HEL-8032” is scheduled for April 24-27 2018. 3 ECTS at completion. The application deadline is February 1. 2018 for external applicants. We have room for 25 students, first come, first served. “The course is directed at students who work with register, biobank or large population-type data. Many of the lectures and examples used will have a global health perspective.

Congratulations on defending your thesis

Markus Dines Knudsen
Marianna Cortese

Recommended activities

Erasmus Summer Programme (ESP)
19th Congress EPA Section of Epidemiology and Social Psychiatry

Thank you so much for your great effort and good team work in EPINOR! We wish you all the best in your next job! At the same time we welcome Maja Todorska to EPINOR in Oslo.