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Newsletter April

Dear EPINOR Friend, here comes the latest news from us. This time we include the latest about the upcoming EPINOR and CASE SUmmer School. 

The final program is in place! Take a look! We are very much looking for the EPINOR event of the year! 


Congratulations on defending your thesis

Rita Kral «Cortical bone and fracture risk: The Tromsø Study»
Andrea Milde Øhrn “Unrecognized Myocardial Infarction. Pain tolerance, prognosis and pathogenesis in men and women”
Marit Osima “Cortical porosity, medullary adiposity, type 2 diabetes mellitus, serum vitamin D, parathyroid hormone, and nonvertebral fractures”
Olga Alexandrovna Kharkova «Changes in smoking behavior during pregnancy: prevalence and effect on selected adverse pregnancy and birth outcomes. The Murmansk County Birth Registry study»

Job opportunities

Postdoktor i helseøkonomi/epidemiologi
Data analyst (with expertise in statistics or epidemiology)
PhD and Postdoctoral Fellow Position
Scientist (Cancer Prevention & Early Detection) 

Recommended activities: 

Advice 2018 (September 9-11, 2018 at Lysebu, Oslo)
The 2018 Exposome short courses series

16.04.2018: At today’s local EPINOR meeting in Bergen we asked "When can missing data result in bias?" And we found the answer by discussing the paper by Bhaskaran and Smeeth titled "What is the difference between missing completely at random and missing at random?" (IJE 2014).