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From the 1st January to the 27th April this year I was hosted by the Department of Statistics, Data Science and Epidemiology at Swinburne University of Technology for a research stay abroad. My PhD project focuses on the clinical and socioeconomic outcomes of porphyria, a group of metabolic and mostly inherited disorders, such as risk for malignant disease, mortality and access to sickness benefits.

Congratulations on defending your thesis

Sweta Tiwari “Atrial Fibrillation: A prospective population study of risk factors and complications. The Tromsø Study”
Aung Soe Htet “The Prevalence of selected risk factors for non-communicable diseases among 25-74-year-old citizens of the Yangon Region, Myanmar: Urban-rural differences and changes from 2004 to 2014”


Maria Garcia Lopez  “Risk of fracture: The importance of B-vitamins and self-reported memory loss.”

Job opportunities

Postdoktor i helseøkonomi/epidemiologi
Data analyst (with expertise in statistics or epidemiology)
PhD and Postdoctoral Fellow Position
Scientist (Cancer Prevention & Early Detection) 

Recommended activities: 

NordForsk-funded research course: Register-based epidemiology
Statistical methods in epidemiology – beyond the Cox model
Parametric competing risk and multistate models
Folkehelsekonferansen 2018

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