January 22-23


March 19th

Kick-off seminar   Tromsø University Museum


Rossella Ragazzi gives a paper at Leiden University, Department of Anthropology: “Performativity and Mediatization of Cultural Heritage through Artistic Intervention and Filmmaking in Sápmi”.

April 9th



April 19

Väinö Tanner Petsamossa, Jukka Nyyssönen lectures on the research by Tanner on the Skolt Sami in Rovaniemi.

«Med postkort på plakaten». Cathrine Baglo discusses postcards with Sámi motives, 1880-1950 and  their importance as historical sources with journalist Elin Wersland (Perspektivet   Museum). Link to streaming here.

June 1

June 8


June 9th

Deadline abstract   SoDiSami publication

Seminar on the occasion of Dikka Storm's 70 birthday

Rossella Ragazzi will present a paper at the National Museum of Ethnology Minpaku, Japan: “Artistic Intervention and Filmmaking in Sápmi, Norway: actively shaping new forms of cultural heritage” which was presented together with an  audiovisual and photographic exhibition illustrating the theme of the lecture.


Anni-Siiri Länsman & Terttu Kortelainen shall give a presentation

'The Role of Social Media in the Spread of a New Ethnic Concept. Inclusion and Exclusion Processes in Transition' in a conference 7th Euroacademia International Conference – Identities and Identifications: Politicized Uses of Collective Identities, to be held at the Agora Cultural Centre in Lucca, Italy on 14th  and 15th of June 2018.




August 30 –   September 1

Jukka Nyyssönen will talk to The Finnish Association of Science Editors and Journalists about Sami research at the Tromsø Museum - University museum



October 12th








November 16

Reading seminar/workshop at the Tromsø University Museum

SoDiSami konferansen i Tromsø oktober 2018.

Laura Junka-Aikio presents the lecture "Politics, Knowledge and Prostes at the Finnish-Russian borderland: The case of the Arctic Corridor" at the conference Art and Protest from the Arctic North to the Global South at the University of Tromsø.  


December 20

Deadline article  SoDiSami publication museum packet


Events 2019


Early January

Editorial meeting


Conference presentation and publication: Kortelainen, Terttu & Länsman, Anni-Siiri (2019). Interplay between online issue publics, traditional media and political decision makers: A study of the spread of a new ethno-political concept. Proceedings of the 6th European Conference on Social Media, University of Brighton, UK, 13-14 June 2019. Ed. by Wybe Popma & Stuart Francis. Reading, UK: Academic Conference Publishing International . 




Symposium: From Lappology to Ethnography: a critical history of Sámi research in museums and anthology workshop. Inari, Finland, 10.-11.10.2019