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We have modern facilities for the use of Zebrafish models in research and education. AKM has equipment for housing and breeding of Zebrafish together with both wet and dry laboratories. 

Se pictures of the zebrafish facility here


Biosafety unit

We have housing and biosafety laboratories up til level 2. Housing is for rodents in individuel ventilated cages (IVC) with hepafilter. Additionally there are 2 biosafety cabinets and a biosafety laboratory.

Se pictures of the biosafety unit here


Large animal research unit

The unit has 6 housing areas for pig and sheep for up til 24 animals in total. There is an preoperative room and 4 surgical units with a blood gass analyzer, icemashine and refrigerator.

Se pictures of the facility here


Small animal research unit

The unit has housing for rodents and laboratories.

Se pictures of the facility here


Breeding and spesific pathogen and oportunistic free unit

Is under buiding construction and are expected up and running pr. 2025.