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Routines / SOPs

Guidance on applied routines at AKM


General routine

  1. Describes the organization and responsibilities when using animals in experiments at the Medical Faculty.
  2. Ensures that animal welfare, ethical, scientific and societal matters are taken care of and take place in accordance with the requirements and intentions of the Regulations.
  3. Enables applicants, users and others who work with experimental animals to comply with the requirements set out in the Regulations.
  4. Defines internal routines related to applications for approval of premises and animal experiments, implementation and reporting.


Organisation and responsibilities for supervision and care of animals

Describes supervision and action plans, requirements for personnel and emergency personnel.


Journaling and animal records

To ensure that the regulations' requirements for animal recording and journaling are met and complied with. It is required that an overview of the number of animals, animal species, origin, recipient and plans for the animal is kept.


Clothing and hygiene

To prevent infections in the department (from and between humans and animals), as well as to prevent exposure and spread of animal allergens to humans and to premises outside the small animal barrier.


Working with radioactivity

This document describes the radiation guidelines, general routines and procedures to handle and work with radioactive sources, materials and devices at PETcore.


Housing and animal welfare

Ensures that the housing, care and supervision of animals is done in accordance with current regulations and to maintain the microbiological status of animals in the department.


Aseptic techniques and pain management

To prepare good aseptic routines before surgery and to prevent pain afterwards. Created to fulfill the Laboratory Animal Regulations' requirements for when procedures are carried out on animals.


Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO)

Those who will be using genetically modified organisms must have approval from the Norwegian Directorate of Health. This routine has been prepared as a guide for users who will be working with genetically modified animals or micro-organisms.