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Prices AKM 2023 (NOK) 


Prices for internal projects at the Medical Faculty

Prices for other faculties at UiT

 (NFR, EU mm)

Prices for commissioned projects and prices for external users

(Prices for external users are excl. VAT)

Mouse cage per week (up to 5 mice/cage) 60 149 156  
Rat cage per week (2 rats/week) 119 296 311  
Pig/sheep per week 2027 5067 5255  
Zebrafish aquarium per week 49 122 124  
Single-use cage (SUMC) 200 300 300  


  1. The housing price for all animals includes: Daily care and routine supervision of animals including research-related service within normal working hours (see order form for technical work).
  2. Housing prices for rodents also include the most common consumables for smaller procedures, e.g. needles, syringes, gloves and premixed medicine for anesthesia and analgesia.
  3. Ordering animals is NOT included in the price. Contact for more information on ordering and shipping prices (you must state the species, breed, sex, age, weight and number of animals).

Single-use cages (SUMC) cost NOK 130 extra per cage/week, i.e. total housing price for internal users per SUMC cage is NOK 175 per cage/week.