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Experimental animal course CAREIN in laboratory animals (8 ECTS)

In order to be able to use research animals in experiments, sufficient training is required for all personnel. According to EU directive 2010/63/EU, theoretical and practical species-specific training is needed to perform the following functions:

A. To perform procedures on animals

B. To plan or designs animal experiments

C. Handling and caretakeing of animals 

D. Animal euthanasia (with no other connection to animal testing)

In Norway, a national course in laboratory animal studies - CAREiN - is offered in laboratory animals (rodents, pigs and model fish) which is held twice a year. The course is shared by the University of Oslo (UiO), NTNU Trondheim, the University of Tromsø and the University of Bergen (UiB). The course is fully digital and consists of self-studies and digital teaching. The host institution is UiB and you can find information about the course and registration here: CAREIN Laboratory animal course | Animal department | UiB.

The course covers the requirements for function A, B and D for rodents, pigs and fish models.

The laboratory animal course is divided into two subjects, and consists of a theoretical (1) and practical (2) part:

  1. Digital course given via UiB.
  2. Training in basic techniques with rodents.

Practical training will be offered locally at the respective universities (UiT, UiO, NTNU and UiB) for everyone who has completed the theoretical part of the course.

The course supervisors are Siri Kristine Knudsen (UiT), Knut Tomas Dalen (UiO), Cathrine Elisabeth Fagernes (UiO), Gro Furset Flatekval (OUS), Henrik Rasmussen (UiO/OUS), Aurora Brønstad (UiB) and Siv Eggen (NTNU). 

Registration for the practical part of the course, for students associated with UiT, can be made through the Department of Comparative Medicine, UiT The Norwegian Arctic University via: 

For more information on course content, course dates and registration, see the course pages of CAREiN here.

HEL-6320 course for wild animals research/field researchers (6 ECTS)

Courses in 2023 for wild animals research and field researchers will be arranged in October. The course covers terrestrial wild mammals, marine mammals and birds (the course does not cover fish) and is arranged as a continuing education course (with a course fee of NOK 6,000). More information will come as soon as the course date for autumn 2023 has been determined.

BIO-3503 course for aquatic animals other than fish models (5 ECTS)

Researchers at UiT who need experimental animal courses in aquatic animals (except fish models and marine mammals) are referred to BIO-3503 | UiT offered at the Norwegian Fisheries College UiT. Courses are also offered for fish researchers at other universities in Norway: