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There are 3 entry levels to the Department of Comparative Medicine
  1. User (person associated with a research project)
  2. Visitor
  3. Service technicians or other operating personnel.

All access is requested via the head of department, including guidance on how to gain access to AKM.


To be created as a user of AKM you must

  • Submit an application to be created in the Laboratory Animal Administration's supervision and application system (FOTS). See application form under " Forms ".  You must be able to document competence to be approved. See  routine for competence requirements for work with laboratory animals .
  • Create a FOTS ID (for already established researchers from other universities) or become an employee on an already approved user's ID (scholars, postdoctoral fellows, engineers and others).
  • Apply for card access via the head of department for AKM. Card access is granted for a maximum of 4 years at a time, but can be extended for still active users after the end of the period. See under  card access ( routine for access control and card access )
  • For access to the PETCore facility, a course in radiation protection must be documented, for course info see  HMS-0513 .

For the start of trials, see the separate E-handbook  Guidance document FOTS .


In order to prevent animals, experiments and equipment in the department from being exposed to adverse influences, only people with professionally relevant reasons can visit AKM. This applies, for example, to:

  • Research-related visits (guest researchers, fellows on exchange, researchers who want to start experiments etc.)
  • Information-related visits (for employees at UiT with connections to AKM's construction projects, project managers etc.)

Visitors must be accompanied by an employee at AKM or an authorized user by agreement with the head of department.

An agreement on a visit to AKM must be made  at least 3 working days  before the planned visit. See application form and  routine for visiting AKM .


Planned and routine visits must be agreed in writing with  the head of department  at least 10 working days  in advance. Except for technical assistance or support of equipment at AKM.