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FF Hyas

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Owner: The Royal Norwegian Government
Management: The Norwegian College of Fishery Science/The University of Tromsø.

The R/V "Hyas" is a glass-fibre Viksund, type Proffsjark 1200, built in 1987 at Akselsens Mekaniske Verksted a.s., Sigerfjord (Norway), for multipurpose research activities (fishery and marine biological, geological and oceanographic surveys) in open waters for the fjord areas adjacent to Tromsø. The range of investigations include hydrographic and trawl surveys, bottom samples by small dredges, operation of conventional fishing gears (gillnet, longline, jigging), diving activities.

Most research activities will be carried out in the fjords systems close to Tromsø, and usually based on day-trips.

Båten FF Hyas tilhavs
Bilde av FF Hyas.

Technical specifications and equipment

Principal particulars:

Length o.a: 12.24 m
Beam mid: 4.25 m
Draught: 2.50 m
Speed: 8 knots
Gross tonnage: 15
Class: Coastal Fishing Vessel


Fuel oil: 2 m3
Fresh water: 0.5 m3
Accommodation, total: 8

Main engine and auxilliary machinery:

Main engine (1999 model): SABB Iveco aifo 8361 SRM32, 250 Bhp at 2200 rpm.
Auxilliary machinery: SABB M4 140, 13.8 kW

Electronic equipment:

Radar A: Koden MD-300
Electronic map machine: Mac Sea 8.1
Auto pilot: Sea Way D2
Radio communication: 1 Skanti TRP 2500 (VHF), 1 NMT mobile

Hydro acoustic equipment:

Echo sounder: Koden CVS-8808 EK60

Trawl winches: 2 x 2 tons
Dredge winch: 800 m, operated from trawl winch
Hydrography winches: 1 mobile unit
Deck crane (3.55 m)> 300 kg (max)
Power block: Rapp
Anchor winch: 1 (hydraulic)

Lifesaving equipment:

Life-rafts: 1 x 8 persons
Life-suits: Helly-Hansen E/305/4