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Welcome toHeiahytta!

"Heiahytta" is a cabin available to rent to employees and master's students at the Department of Geosciences and the Department of Arctic and Marine Biology, as well as employees at the faculty administration of Biosciences, Fisheries and Economics and Science and Technology.

The cabin is located by a lake, and is easily accessible from the main road. There are opportunities for fishing in the lake both summer and winter (including access to a rowing boat), and skiing and hiking possibilities right from the cabin door.  There are 10 beds, divided between two bedrooms and an open loft area. In addition, there is a living room, dining room and kitchenette. The cabin is well equipped, has electricity and an outdoor toilet.

From the  cabin it is a short drive (about 30 minutes) to the ski resort at Målselv Fjellandsby and Polarbadet.

Purpose and rules for the use of "Heiahytta"

The cabin can be used for the members' / employees' / master's students' leisure purposes. Use for other purposes is not completely excluded, but must, in each individual case, be decided by the board.

All users have full access to gas / fuel, kitchen equipment, boat and other equipment that is available in the cabin at all times. Buildings and equipment must be cleaned and in good condition after use. Rubbish must be taken home or thrown in the rubbish bins at the rest area at Heia.

Any losses and damage must be reported immediately to the cabin board. Loss / damage in the event of fire / burglary is covered by the insurance unless the user has shown gross negligence. Other losses / damages must be covered by the user.

It is allowed to bring a dog to the cabin.

Membership and shares in “Heiahytta”

Heiagjengen are keen to have more active members. You are a full member of Heiagjengen when you have purchased a share certificate with a nominal value of NOK 100, plus a NOK 50 deduction from your salary per month. Membership allows heavily reduced rental fees for the cabin.

Reservation of cabin

The cabin is reserved based on a  "first come, first served" principle by drawing in the calendar book of the cashier in the association at all times.

Weekends always charged for two days (Friday 16:00 to Sunday 16:00).

The cabin can be booked for one stay at a time. A stay can beup to 7 consecutive days, including no more than  one weekend. Normal time for start / end of stay is at 16:00. The booking is binding, and the rent is paid when booking or no later than one week before the stay.

Rent at Easter

Easter is divided into two rental periods, split  on Wednesday of  the Easter week. Rent during Easter is decided by drawing lots among those who have registered their interest within 3 weeks prior to Palm Sunday. If no one has registered there interest by this point, then  the cabin can be reserved according to the "first come, first served" principle. If you rent the cabin for Easter, you must wait three years before a new Easter rental, as long as others are interested in using the cabin over Easter.


The cabin is located by Takvatnet, approx. 100 km from Tromsø. See map on this page.

Contact information

The cabin can be reserved from Louise Vick (e-mail:
Payment information: Account number 4612.66.32665.
Remember to mark the payment with: Rent of Heiahytta, date for period and name.

Rental rates
  • Employees in Heiagjengen pay NOK 300 / day
  • Employed non-members pay NOK 600 / day
  • Master's students pay NOK 100 / person / day

Type: Facility

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