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Laboratory for PCB manufacturing (printed circuit boards)

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Here we can produce multi-layer printed circuit boards for further assembly of components so that you have a fully developed circuit board.
The laboratory is used in connection with laboratory exercises and projects in our educational courses. Soldering equipment is available for mounting both throughole- and surfacemounted components.

Equipment includes:

  • LPKF S104 (circuit board plotter)
  • LPKF ProtoPlace S (semi-automatic SMT assembly system)
  • LPKF ProtoFlow S (reflow soldering oven)
  • LPKF Multipress S (press for manfacturing multilayer boards)
  • Various soldering equipment for SMT and HMT assembly
  • LPKF Contac S4 (through-hole electroplating)

Contact information

Ketil Hansen
Phone nr: 76 96 63 35

Type: Lab

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