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RV Beret Paulsdatter

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RV Beret Paulsdatter is the newest research vessel in UiT the Arctic University of Norway's fleet. The ship starts operation during spring 2023 where it will be used for research in fjords and close coastal areas in the Tromsø region. The ship is manned by Northshore AS. 

RV Beret Paulsdatter is designed in cooperation with Skipskompetanse AS and built by Vaagland Båtbyggeri AS in Måløy in 2022. The ship is designed with high operational economic efficiency, and uses NOx reducing measures as a step towards a greener operation for research vessels. The ship is named after the fisherwoman Beret Johanna Paulsdatter Dypvand who lived from 1794 to 1868.

Beret Paulsdatter has a crew of 3 and has educational facilities for groups up to 10 people. The bridge design is made to be open and education-promoting for navigation training. The ship is equipped for research and educational purposes within the fields of Geosciences, Biosciences, fishery- and equipment technology and navigation in coastal areas. Research cruises will for the most part be daytrips in and out from Tromsø. 

Facts about «Beret Paulsdatter»:

RV Beret Paulsdatter Photo: Oddleif Larsen, UiT
  • Length: 26,42 meters
  • Width: 10 meters
  • Cabin capacity: 14 persons incl. crew
  • Education facilities for groups up to 10 people
  • 2 laboratories
  • Open and education promoting bridge design
  • Deck crane: Folding crane 1080kg/ 13,16 meter
  • A-frame on starboard side. 2000 kg
  • A-frame on stern. 5000 kg
  • 2x trawl winch 8t/2000 meter
  • 1x trawl drum 8 ton/ 5,7m3
  • 1x CTD winch 2 ton/ 2000 meter
  • 1x net winch 1,5 ton/ 1000 meter
  • Scraper winch 3 ton/ 2000 meter
  • Broadband sonar 38, 120 and 333 kHz
  • Dedicated placement for ADCP 150 kHz
  • Dedicated placement for high frequency multibeam sonar
  • Dedicated placement for sea bottom penetrating sonar