Introducing Our New Video Workshop Series by Gabrielle Natividad

By: Gabrielle Natividad, McMaster, Canada, in collaboration with the ECO_CARE coordinators

We are thrilled to announce the launch of a new endeavor here at ECO_CARE: the Video Workshop Series by Gabrielle Natividad (Gaby). Having completed her summer practicum at ECO_CARE, Gaby has returned to ECO_CARE as a project content developer and assistant with a wealth of knowledge and a passion to share her experiences through this innovative series.

In her own words, Gaby shares her vision for the workshop series: "This series is targeted towards individuals who may not have professional experience editing photos and creating videos. Most importantly, it is targeted to individuals who may need to learn just enough of these skills to help them create work related to visual law techniques."

The series is designed to be accessible to beginners, offering practical insights and tips to help navigate through the process of photo editing and video creation for educational and research purposes. The video focuses on an aspect of the work Gaby completed during her placement, including her contributions to the Tarumã videos and the new edition of the Escazú comic book (forthcoming in two different versions, in Spanish and English).

What makes this series truly special is Gaby's perspective as a fellow beginner. She candidly shares her own journey of learning and growth, along with the tips and tricks she discovered along the way. Her authenticity and relatability make this series a valuable resource for anyone (students, learners, community members and researchers) looking to delve into the world of visual storytelling.

Join us as we embark on this exciting journey with Gabrielle Natividad and uncover the secrets of visual law techniques together. Stay tuned for the release of the Video Workshop Series, coming soon to our youtube video!

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This post can be cited as Gabrielle Natividad et al., "Introducing Our New Video Workshop Series", March 14, 2024