“A Story About Knowledge. Illustrated version”

Our book “A Story About Knowledge. Illustrated version” is out! Inspired by an Arctic indigenous story, and beautifully illustrated by Valentina Russo (aka Mucho Amor) the book complements Arianna and Margherita’s handbook published in Spring 2021: “A Story About Knowledge. A Learning Tool to Engage with Illustrated Storytelling in Law and Global Studies” (Aracne, Rome). 

With the aim to bring together a broad and diverse audience, ‘A Story About Knowledge’ revolves around the search for the best place where to find and take care of knowledge in an integral ecology perspective. There is no correct answer to the question, and the readers are encouraged to look for their own. The book itself and a secret QR code at the beginning are an invitation for the readers to "make” their own version of the story. 

Our tribute of gratitude goes to Gord Bruyere and Einar Bergland for the learning materials that inspired the illustrator; to Davide Oddone for his filmed version of the book (QR code video); to the publishing house Aracne, Rome, for supporting our idea. The little spider in every page is a tribute to you (Arachne means spider in Greek)! 

The book can be purchased at: https://www.aracneeditrice.eu/it/pubblicazioni/a-story-about-knowledge-margherita-paola-poto-arianna-porrone-9791259946140.html