Workshop in LEI „Management of Radioactive/nuclear and hazardous waste“

Lithuanian Energy Institute (LEI) Kaunas, 12th - 14th September 2022

A workshop covering radioactive/nuclear waste management and other ICONDE project topics was held at Lithuanian Energy Institute, Kaunas. The ICONDE project was funded by EEA Baltic Research Programme’s projects. The workshop was organized as a hybrid event — online and in-person. All project partners attended, namely:
Sabine Upnere, Artūrs Mačanovskis, Ilona Bērza-Šulte and Andrejs Krasnikovs (RTU),
Volodymyr Gulik, Riho Motlep and Hando Tohver (UT),
Iveta Novakova (UiT),
Mindaugas Vaišnoras, Inna Pitak, Egidijus Babilas, Andrius Slavickas, Jūratė Čėsnienė and Algirdas Kaliatka (LEI)

The workshop in LEI lasted for three days. The first day of the project started with greetings from the LEI Deputy director to the participants and a brief introduction to LEI's activities and laboratories. The leaders of the ICONDE project, Riga Technical University, presented the objectives and tasks of the project and shared the achievements during the implementation of the project. LEI scientist Algirdas Kaliatka provided a general overview on nuclear and radioactive waste classification and management in international practice. Invited guests from State Nuclear Power Safety Inspectorate (VATESI) and Ignalina NPP provided knowledge on Lithuanian requirements of radioactive waste management and liquid radioactive waste treatment at the Ignalina NPP. All presentations can be accessed by clicking on the below link.
no. presentation Title of presentation Author
1 Nuclear and radioactive waste classification and management. Conditioning of radioactive waste. International practice LEI
2 Lithuanian requirements for radioactive waste management VATESI
3 Treatment of Liquid RW at the Ignalina NPP IGNALINA NPP
4 Analytical study of the features of OSA materials LEI

The workshop participants had the opportunity to visit the LEI laboratories in the second half of the day. The first day of the event was closed by a workshop welcome party.
ICONDE project conducts research about concrete design for hazardous waste management applications, which is connected to the decommissioning of the Ignalina nuclear power plant, particularly gamma radiation and neutron shielding. Therefore, a visit to the Ignalina nuclear power plant was organized on the second day of the workshop. The workshop participants visited the reactor hall, plant control room, turbine hall and liquid radioactive waste treatment and storage facilities. Also, Ignalina NPP specialists explained in detail the cementation process of liquid radioactive waste and answered the participant's questions. Tasks are intended to composite material modelling, OSA material study, evaluation of the further plan and ICONDE project progress was discussed in detail in the last half day of the workshop. The participants from all four project partner institutes were satisfied with the workshop and agreed that this event would positively impact project progress.