Summer Course "Introduction to the nuclear energy, nuclear hazards and radioactive materials management"

May 15 – 18, 2023: Online Summer Course for the PhD students and young scientists organized by Lithuanian Energy Institute in the frame of ICONDE Project (Innovation in concrete design for hazardous waste management applications – EEARESEARCH-165)

About the course

The objective of this Course “Introduction to the nuclear energy, nuclear hazards and radioactive materials management” is to provide a transfer of knowledge to the participants (PhD students) regarding the nuclear energy: different types of nuclear reactors, nuclear hazards – nuclear accidents, management of nuclear materials and decommissioning of nuclear power plants. The main aim of Course – to gain knowledge about the nuclear hazards and main principles of management of radioactive waste arising during operation and decommissioning of NPPs. The expected outcome of this Course is the background knowledge and understanding of the participants (students of master degree, PhD students, researchers) on:

  • different types of NPPs,
  • main hazards, related to the operation of NPPs,
  • management of radioactive waste ad related hazards.

The module will be provided in the form Interactive lectures, and analysis of practical examples (it will be demonstrated the simplified way to perform analysis; the trainees will be involved in the process of calculation). The Interactive lectures consist of 75% of the Course time. The remaining 25% will be covered by analysis of practical examples.

Target group

The target group of this Course is the students of master degree, PhD students, which are interested in field of nuclear energy safety and earlystage researchers, which are preparing to work in the field of nuclear energy.

Course dates

May 15 – 18, 2023


Registration is open until March 31.

More information can be found in the flyer HERE.