Progress of the ICONDE project

Activities in WP5 and Baltic Research Mid-term conference

Project ICONDE is entering its final stage and activities within WP5 entitled “Life cycle assessment” is initiated and conducted by researchers from Tartu University with the technical data contribution of all the other partners. Partners from Tartu, Estonia; Assoc. professor, PhD Alan Tkaczyk, PhD Riho Motlep, specialist Uku Andreas Reigo, and PhD student Cansu Özcan Kilcan visited Riga Technical University, Latvia on 6th of October. From hosting university, Professor Dr.sc.Ing. Andrejs Krasnikovs, Professor Dr.sc.Ing. Olga Kononova, Dr.sc.Ing. Artūrs Mačanovskis, Ukrainian scientist Irina Romanenko, PhD student Ilgar Jaffarli, PhD student Umesh Haribhai Vavaliya were present in person. The day visit was very intensive and activities such as a laboratory tour with a detailed description of fibre concrete ingredients, mixing and fabrication process. Presentations of WP5 by Uku Andreas Reigo, and Cansu Özcan Kilcan followed the laboratory tour. Presentations and discussions were about the current progress and obstacles related to ICONDE PROJECT WP5.1. (LCA). The main participants in the discussion were Alan Tkaczyk, Riho Motlep, Andrejs Krasnikovs.

Another important event took place in October 2023. The Baltic Research Mid-term conference with the title “COLLABORATIVE EXPERIENCES: SHAPING THE RESEARCH FUTURE” was held in Riga. The event was organized by The Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Latvia in cooperation with the Latvian Council of Science, Lithuania, and Estonia. During two days, supported projects were presented, and so as our ICONDE project. Professor Dr.sc.Ing. Andrejs Krasnikovs presented the ICONDE project and also organized a laboratory visit for event participants.