Premature project

Premature project

Stein Erik Ulvund, one of the initiators of the study, has written an article about the results so far:
Early Intervention in Families with Preterm Infants: A Review of Findings from a Randomized Controlled Trial Following Children Up to 9 Years of Age. 30 March 2022

National Report for the Specialist Health Service 2019. RESEARCH AND INNOVATION FOR THE PATIENT'S BEST INTERESTS:

Inger Pauline Landsem has produced a report on the Premature Project at the request of the Health Trusts.
It's on pages 20 and 21. A good, concise summary of the project so far. The report was published in April 2020

From January 2020 both Sølvi Kvammen and Jorunn Tunby are no longer connected to the Premature Project. Marianne Noredhov and Inger Pauline Landsem are working on research collected in the project.

Changes in the project

Sølvi Kvammen is known to everyone that participates in the Prematurproject. She have extended her assignment in the project and has taken over the administration of the testing in addition to the actual  testing as she has been doing since the beginning. Jorunn Tunby are still attached to the prosject, but will have her main ha sin main position as teacher for the nurses who wants to become pediatric nurse specialists.

New candidates have been certified in NBAS.  They come from Øvre Romerike, Hege Syversen Smedrud and Heidi Fjeldheim da Silva. They were certified April 28th 2016.

To day March 1, 2016 it is 17 år since the Tromsø Intervention Study on Preterms started.


Inger Pauline Landsem had her dissertation on the 26th of February 2016. Dissertation is called: Results from the Tromsø Intervention Study on Preterms until children's age of nine.

Two new NBAS-certified coworkers in Bergen. Congratulation Rakel Greve and Vibeke Dreyer! June 2015

Third article from fellow Inger Pauline Landsem. This time in reputable Child Development. The online edition was out April 15. 2015. (Unfortunately only available for subscribers on Ch.Dev.) This is the link for the subscribers. Child Development

New article from fellow Inger Pauline Landsem. The article is precented in the journal Health and Quality of Life Outcomes.

In connection with fellow Inger Pauline Landsem's article in Trials, the newspaper Aftenposten wanted to make a cronicle on the topic. Aftenposten November 4th.

This chronicle is also precented at the Center for Child- and Adolescent Mental Health, Health Region East and South.

Link to the article. 

Belgium's Federal Health Authorities plan to improve the care of the children who are born prematurely. They wanted to learn from the experience of the Premature Project in Tromsø. Jorunn Tunby held a lecture in the Ministry Building in Brussels on September 30th along with professionals with NIDCAP experience from the Nederlands and France.

MITP in norwegian

The Interventionmodel Mother-Infant-Transactional-Program is translated to norwegian by Lars Smith and is in the norwegian headmenu.

The textbook on Neonatal Behaviour Assessment Scale is now translated to norwegian.

Article on - Dvelopment of clinical competence through the experiences from the Premature project - by Inger Pauline Landsem, Jorunn Tunby and Nina Bøhle Cheetham - in the Journal of Childrens' Nurse Assocation

Brazelton Institute, Harvard medical School, Boston

The Institute has updated their homepage
The initiative in Norway where Tromsø and the Premature project and the NBAS education are central, and the important start of the NBO education in Oslo.

 National newspaper VG wrote about Inger Paulines book - October 28.


One of the intervention-nurses - Inger Pauline Landsem - have made a great book - inspired by the intervention in the Premature Project. The book is called 
En bedre start (A better start)  and has its own homepage.

Book-launching in Pingvinen kafé at UNN, Friday 28th September, 11 o'clock

Dear participants in the project!

The time of our meeting is now after the children has turned tvelve and befor the thirteenth birthday.  That gives us good opportunities to find a time that suits all.  We send a letter with a suggestion for the time of the meeting, But do you have your own suggestion, take contact.
You will find mailadress and phonenumber here

Articles from the Premature Project
 intervention-nurses have presented the intervention methode that is the basis for the Premature Project in a Danish prematur journal first eddition in 2012 page 22-23 and the article in Sykepleien from October last year.

Premature Project participates on WAIMHs conference in Cape Town in April
The Project is represented with two contributions at the worldconference, one speech in a Scandinavian symposium - research for premature children in Scandinavia represented by Jorunn Tunby and a posterpresentation with focus on regulatory competence aned social communication by Kåre Olafsen who have his doctoral degree on data from the projekt. 

The tvelve-year-olds are coming!

After our superpilots (that had just turned 13) had gone through the research program it was ready for those great 12 year old kids that is participating in the project. New challenges and tests and they complete with style!

You kids impress us that meets you.

Continuation of the Project

Helse Nord announced December 6th 2011 a decition on further support to continue the Prosjektet for three more years. The children will with that be invited to control as 12 year-old. The Controls will start in Januar 2012.

The University in Rio de Janeiro have discovered the Premature Project. Prof. John A. Rønning gave a lecture at the Instute of Psychiatry in October.

Doktoral defence September 23rd 2011

Solveig Marianne Nordhov argued her doctoral thesis 
Friday September 23rd. 
She defended the  forsvarte thesis:
"A randomised clinical trial on the impact of early intervention on parental
rearing attitudes and cognitive, motor and behavioural outcomes in
preterm infants"
in an excellebt way. Congratulation!

Article in Sykepleien 12/2011

Nina Cheetham
has taken her Masters degree in health education subjects with the thesis: "Hvordan erfares veiledning ved hjelp av Neonatal Behavioral Observation for førstegangsfødende mødre med friske barn?"
The thesis is inspired by the Premature Project intervention. She was one of the intervention nurses in the Project.

Kronikk i Nordlys 03.05.11

The Prematureproject on Good morning Norway TV2

Karoline and Sandra Richardsen and Marianne Nordhov presents the Premature project on Good morning Norway on TV2 November 25th 2010.


Press coverage Svenska Dagbladet and ChinaDaily

To the article in Svenska Dagbladet:

To the article in ChinaDaily:

Newborn Behavioral Observations - NBO

In connection with the conference in October, Kevin Nugent, director of the Brazelton-institute and Yvette Blanchard held a two-day course in NBO in Tromsø. The same course is offered at the Harvard Medical School in Boston. 

The course took place directly after the conference: saturday 16th and sundag 17th October. After the course the participants get written personal guidance in using the methode.  

The course was full with participants from all over Norway and from Denmark. This is probably not the last time the lecturers from the Brazelton-institute are invited to give lectures in NBO in Norway.

After the conference!

The feedback from the conference have been very positive both from the participants and the speakers. Poster-walk was also rated as a positive experience except from the noise from many speakers talking at the same time and room was not suitable.
In addition the weather was perfect for attending a conference - cloudy and rainy.

The Prematureproject in Tromsø was characterized as unique as near 90 % of the families still are participating after 7 years. A BIG thank You to all of you.

The presentations with video and powerpoints at "Store Auditorium" at the MH, University in Tromsø are now on net. See link:

Oct. 29th - 2010 
Jorunn Tunby


Presentations from the conference in Tromso



Konferanse høsten 2010

Prematurprosjektet har hatt stor betydning for kunnskapen om hvordan barn i risiko bør følges opp. I tillegg har prosjektet vist oss at den intervensjonen vi gjorde i begynnelsen av prosjektet hadde betydning. Nå har tre av barnesykepleierne som var med i intervensjonsgruppa, Nina Cheetham, Inger Pauline Landsem og Jorunn Tunby tatt utdanning i metoden som nå er videreutviklet. I tillegg har de knyttet nære bånd med Brazeltoninstituttet som er ledende i dette arbeidet. Dette har resultert i en internasjonal konferanse som skal gå av stabelen i 14-15 oktober 2010.
Konferansen har fått navnet Strengthening parenting competency in parents of infants and toddlers at risk.

Se link
Continued support

"Helse Nord" granted the project renewed financial support.  We will then be able to finish the 7 year control and do the majority of the 9 year control through 2010. The partisipation in the project is still good and that gives great significance to the results.

Pingvinen nr 7

10 year anniversary
The cake

The Prematurproject started 1st Mars 1999. 10 year aniversary was celebrated with cake in the NICU where the premature children once was recruted. In the years that have passed the project has gained more and more significance.

When the "Sosial- og Helsedirektoratet" was making the guidelines for the follow-up on premature children in 2007 the project was represented with two members. Read more
Present rutines are described under Oppfølging.

The Prematurproject are the basis for two doctoral dissortations and the third is on the way. The articles in the international journals. See Publikasjoner.

There have been a big demand for education and lectures both on the intervention-methode and the results of the follow-up. See Undervisning.

Lasse, Inger Pauline, Jorunn and John

The internal newspaper "Pingvinen" interviewed the manager because of the anniversary. The article is found on UNN's homepage. Read more

Doktoral dissertation in June
Kåre Olafsen
Kåre Olafsen

Neuropsycologist Kåre Olavsen is having his argue for the doctoral dissertation Friday 13. June 10.15 at Store Auditorium MH-bygget based on researce from the Early Intervention Project. He is defending his theses Precursors of regulatory competence in term and preterm infants: The influence of a sensitizing intervention on temperament and social communication during the first year of life. The candidate has his trial lecture the same place at 14.15 and 15.15 on Thursday 12.



John Rønning mottok på vegne av Prematurprosjektet en forskningspris på Helse Nord sin forskningskonferanse1 og 2 november 2006.


Doktoral dissortation 1.februar 2008


Pediatric consultant Per Ivar Kaaresen has his dissortation friday 1 February 2008 at 10.15. He is defending his theses"Aspects of outcome in children born prematurely and effects of an early intervention program" The Dissortation takes place in Store Auditorium på MH

Thursday 31.1 the candidate has his trial lecture the same place at 14.15 and 15.15. The self-selected topic is "Broncopulmonal dysplasi hos premature - en oversikt" Topic selected by the committee is "I hvilken grad kan klinisk tilstand og undersøkelser i nyfødtperioden forutsi senere nevrologisk, psykologisk og kognitiv utvikling"


Research funding 2008

The Premature Project have received further research funding for 2008 from Helse Nord,and continue pursue the follow-up of all the children. One important reason to pursue this project is the high partisipation that gives the results& great value. Thanks to all of you that partisipates and makes this possible.


News on TV2

TV2 News made a feature about the prematureproject 9. December 2007.


Retningslinjer for oppfølging

Sosial- og helsedirektoratet har nylig lagt ut Faglige retningslinjer for oppfølging av for tidlig fødte barn. Prosjektets medarbeidere John Rønning og Stein Erik Ulvund har deltatt i arbeidet med disse retningslinjene. Retningslinjene kan lastes ned fra linken under


Nordisk konferanse i Trondheim

Prematurprosjektet deltok med forelesninger på Nordisk Forening for Spedbarns Utvikling, NFSU sin konferanse i Trondheim 27-28 okt 06. På workshopen som handlet om tidlig intervensjon fikk vi høre om implementeringen av Prematurprosjektets ideer ved intensivavdelingen for nyfødte ved Sykehuset Buskerud HF i Drammen. Leder for prosjektet er Nancy Moss.


Nasjonalt kompetansenettverk for sped- og småbarns psykiske helse

Sosial- og Helsedepartementet ga RBUP Helsesegion Øst og Sør i oppdrag å etablere et nasjonalt kompetansenettverk for sped- og småbarns psykiske helse. Utredningen og kartleggingen av evaluerte og anbefalte nasjonale og internasjonale tiltak er igang og ble presentert høsten 2006. Internasjonale programmer og noen få nasjonale programmer ble presentert på Oslo-konferansen 27 og 28 april 2006 "Early interventions for families and small children at risk" bl.a. Prematurprosjektet i Tromsø.


Takk for alle premier

Prematur-prosjektet fikk etter en liten ytring i "Kort sagt" i Nordlys og noen ord i artikkelen i Lørdags-magasinet mengder med små figurer og bøker.Vi vil med dette takke spesielt Britt fra Rossfjordstraumen, Lise fra Lyngseidet, Liv fra Meistervik, Espen fra Videoverden, Truls på Akademisk Kvarter og dere andre som kom med små figurer til Nyfødt-Intensiv. Tusen takk!


Artikler fra prosjektet

I "Pediatrics" tidsskriftet til the American Academy of Pediatrics. Juli 06." "Infant Behavior and Development", Desember 06. "Early Human Development" Tilgjengelig online fra august 07. "Scandinavian Journal of Psykology", November 07.Se linkene under publikasjoner.


Vårkurs i Fredrikstad

Hab'en i Fredrikstad 29 mars 2007.Til kursdeltagerne: Linker til presentasjonene ligger under undervisning.

Takk for en hyggelig samling.


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