Nordplus Network: "Medicin i Norden"

Nordplus Medisin i Norden is the exchange network for medical students in the Nordic countries

The Nordplus Network "Medicin i Norden" is a very well- functioning and solid network that has worked in its current form since 2002. Alle the medical faculties in the Nordic countries participate in this exchange programme.

The coordinator function rotate between the universities. The coordinator is responsible for applying for funding and paying out the scholarships.

The network coordinators in 2014-2016:

Jannicke Gjølme Eriksen, NTNU

Elin Holm, UiT

Nordplus Network Medicin i Norden partner universities:

University of Oslo

University of Bergen

Norwegian University of Science and Technology

UiT The Arctic University of Norway

Karolinska Institutet

University of Gothenburg

Lund University

Linköping University

Umeå University

Uppsala University

University of Copenhagen

University of Southern Denmark

Aarhus University

University of Helsinki

University of Turku

University of Oulu

University of Eastern Finland

University of Tampere

University of Iceland


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