AntiBioSpec - Discovery and design of new antibiotics

AntiBioSpec - Discovery and design of new antibiotics

The primary objective of AntiBioSpec is to combat the antimicrobial resistance crisis by discovering novel antimicrobial agents from molecules in the middle space.

Secondary objectives:

  • Discover novel antimicrobial agents with new modes of action, less prone to trigger resistance development
  • Create, develop and validate experimental and theoretical methods for fast and accurate assignment of molecular structure
  • Provide, through new methods, an in-depth understanding of structure-activity relationships for “middlespace molecules” enabling optimization of biological activity
  • Refine initial hits into pharmacologically and pharmacokinetic acceptable compounds, optimizing potency, absorption, and metabolic properties
  • Train young scientists in the cross-disciplinary skills needed for future successful drug discovery
  • Further enhance the international recognition and position the consortium for a future Centre for researchbased innovation (SFI) and other major funding programs


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