Mass cultivation of diatoms at Finnfjord as: upscaling to preindustrial level

The project is planned as an upscaling to preindustrial scale of a earlier completed microalgae mass cultivation pilot project.

The project concept includes production of diatom biomass by sequestration of CO2 and NOx from factory fumes, and differs form other conventional initiatives with respect to choice of organisms, photobioreactor type, illumination, cultivation technology and processing. The main product is fish feed, but bioprospecting and other applications are included.

The production initiative is integrated in a ferrosilicon factory (Finnfjord as) production line. At present we are installing the worlds largest closed photobioreactor (300 000L). At the factory we have installed new laboratory and working facilities, that will function as professional meeting places for scientists and students from UiT and external partners.

Upscaling at Finnfjord

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