In a World of Total War: Norway 1939-45


In a World of Total War: Norway 1939-45

The project "In a World of Total War: Norway 1939-1945" represents an ambitious effort to reinterpret the history of Norway during the Second World War and bring scholarship into uncharted waters

The aim of the project is to free research from the traditional constraint of national perspectives and embrace new thematic areas. Its vantage point  is the European far north, but without being restricted to that region (more).

Work packages

The project is organised in four work packages led by established historians, encompassing individual and collaborative subprojects based in different institutions (more)

The project researchers bring their knowledge and expertise to a larger audience through both national and international scientific publications.  Some of them can be found here

Popular Talks

The researchers working on the project are often invited to share their expert knowledge in different settings. Some of the talks are available on the web and here are some of them (link)


The research project should provide insights to the general audience using also the news media and news sites (more).


A collection of databases, archives, web-resources for the benefit of researchers and and of the general audiences (here).

Project leader

Tom Kristiansen

Research project
Den andre verdenskrigen i Nord

Research group

From North Front to Ice Front

Institutional partners

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