MARZymes - publications

Hjerde E, et al. 2013. Draft genome sequence of the actinomycete Rhodococcus sp. strain
AW25M09, isolated from the Hadsel fjord, northern Norway. Genome Announc. 1(2): e00055-13.

De Santi C, et al, 2013. Bioprospecting around Arctic islands: Marine bacteria as a rich source of biocatalysts and polyunsaturated fatty acids. Poster. The 6th international BIOPROSP Conference.

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Pedersen HL, et al, 2013. Genome Sequencing of Bacteria Isolated from the Arctic Marine Environment. Poster. The 6th international BIOPROSP Conference.

Bjerga GEKB, 2012. A Klonike cold rush,

Bjerga GEKB, 2012. Kald beregning,

Altermark B, et al, 2012. Novel enzyme activities from environmental libraries - MARZymes. Poster. 5th international Conference on Marine Bioprospecting. BIOPROSP 2011.

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Willassen NP, 2011. Norge letar värdefulla organismer i havet, Sveriges Radio P1

Willassen NP, 2011. Jakt på antiobiotika i Norska havet, Sveriges Radio

Hansen KE, 2011. In silico study, cloning and expression of a putative DNA ligase and
expression and characterization of a putative nitrilase, originating
from two Arctic metagenomic libraries. Master thesis, University of Tromøs, 110 p.

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Bjerga GEKB, 2011. Fremtidens rikdom ligger i havet, Nordlys

Bjerga GEKB, 2011. Cold Rush, film, Arctic Frontiers Young Scientists Forum Videomaking Workshop

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