EUBORDERSCAPES: Border Crossing and Cultural Production


UiT The Arctic University of Norway through the Border Poetics/Border Culture research group is a participating partner in the EU research project EUBORDERSCAPES (2012-16).

EUBORDERSCAPES (2012-16) is an interdisciplinary research project that brings together leading research environments from the social sciences and the humanities to increase our understanding of the changing nature of borders and bordering in Europe. The project is financed by the European Commission as part of the Seventh Frame Programme (FP7), and coordinated by the University of Eastern Finland.

The Border Culture/Border Poetics research group at UiT is responsible for the coordination of work package 10, “Border Crossing and Cultural Production”, and contributes to other work packages in the project.

The Border Poetics / Border Culture research group also contributes to the work packages ”Conceptual Change and the State of the Debate”, “Empirical Framework”, “Post-Colonial Bordering and Euro-African Borderscapes” and “Cross-Sectional Analysis and Policy Considerations”, along with various coordination work packages.

Project objectives

In order to gauge its significance, conceptual change in the study of borders must be seen in relation to fundamental social, economic and geopolitical transformations that have taken place in the past decades. In addition, major paradigmatic shifts in scientific debate, and in the social sciences in particular, must also be considered. Recognising the close interrelationships between social change and paradigm shifts, the EUBORDERSCAPES project will analyse the evolving concept of borders in terms of a mutually linked emergence of post-national, post-colonial, post-modernist and post-Communist strands of inquiry. State borders are the frame of reference, rather than ethnographic/anthropological boundaries. 
However, this approach emphasises the social significance and subjectivities of state borders while critically interrogating objective categories of state territoriality and international relations. The research proposed here will, furthermore, not only be focused at the more general, at times highly abstract, level of conceptual change. This approach will also allow us to compare and contrast how different and often contested conceptualisations of state borders (in terms of their political, social, cultural and symbolic significance) resonate in concrete contexts at the level of everyday life.


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EUBORDERSCAPES (290775) is Funded by the European Commission under the 7th Framework Programme (FP7-SSH-2011-1), Area 4.2.1 The evolving concept of borders.

UiT The Arctic University of Norway contributes to the EUBORDERSCAPES through Border Poetics / Border Culture research group.

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