National Joint PhD Programme in Nautical Operations/ Doktorgradsprogrammet (ph.d.) innen nautiske operasjoner: fellesgrad

Our PhD students and academic staff

Our first PhD student Odd Sveinung Hareide has graduated on the 5th of April 2019.As of April 2019, we have 21 PhD students, among them: 
  • 11 nationalities
  • 5 externally financed candidates
  • 9 candidates with an engineering background
  • 4 candidates with an operational nautical background
  • 8 candidates with a social sciences background

The PhD Students and their research projects

Brian Murray (UiT)

Brian Murray

"Predictive Collision Avoidance for Autonomous Surface Vessels."

Per Roald Leikanger (UiT)

 Per Roald Leikanger"Decision support systems for advanced maritime operations."

  Khanh Quang Bui (UiT)

Khanh Quang Bui 

"Advanced Data Analytics for Ship Performance Monitoring in Autonomous Maritime Operations"

Raheleh Kari (NTNU)

Kari Raheleh

"Human in the Loop for Remote Ship Operations."

Tore Relling (NTNU)

Tore Relling

"Human-centred approach to the governmental role in autonomous operations."

Rami Zghyer (NTNU)

Rami Zughayar

"Real-time simulation of nautical operations: the effect of ship dynamics and control design approaches in guidance, navigation and control of remotely operated vessels."

Laura Busa (USN)

Laura Busa"Development of Short Sea Logistics Concepts – Integration into Sustainable Maritime Supply Chain."

Atle Christiansen (USN)

Atle Christiansen

"Operations science reborn."

Tae-eun Kim (USN)

Tae-eun Kim

"Beyond Safety Management: Leadership for Safer Ship Operations."

Jørgen Ernstsen (USN)

Jørgen Ernstsen"Development of assessment tool for seafarers’ performance in Nautical Operations."

Marianne Kjørstad (USN)

Marianne Kjørstad"Technology with Empathy - Human Systems Engineering Innovation Framework."

Amit Sharma (USN)

Amit Sharma"Computer assisted collaborative learning as an intervention in Maritime Education and Training."

Siv Engen (USN)

Siv Engen

"System architecture and design in subsea industry."

Sathiya Kumar Renganayagalu (USN)

Sathiya K.R.

"Wearable Virtual Reality for maritime professional training: technology, applications, methods and limitations."

Karen Czachorowski (USN)

"Blockchain Technology Applied to the Maritime Offshore Logistics and Operations – Oil and Gas Supply Chain and Logistics Digitalization."

Mariia Dushenko (USN)

Mariia Dushenko

"Impact of the Digitization and Digitalization on Ro-Ro Port stays by means of Terminal Modelling and Simulation (DAMOS)"

 Vu Viet Dung (HVL)

Vu Viet Dung

"Design for safety: developing user-centered interfaces for marine navigation systems."

Hooshyar Azizpour (HVL)

Hooshyar Azizpour

"ARCEVAC - Maritime Evacuation in Polar Waters."

Ria Bruenig (HVL)

Ria Bruenig

"ARCEVAC - Maritime Evacuation in Polar Waters."

Leif Ole Dreyer (HVL)

Leif Ole Dreyer

"Maritime Autonomy – Investigation of Suitable Safety Management Measures"

Agnieszka Pikor (HVL)

Agnieszka Pikor

"Future skills and psychological capital for personnel in the maritime industry"

The academic staff



Western Norway University of Applied Sciences

Peter Wide (ph.d.-leader, deputy chair of programme board) Runar Ostnes (ph.d.-leader) Kenn Steger-Jensen (ph.d.-leader, chair of programme board)

Helle Oltedal (ph.d.-leader)

Are K. Sydnes

Frøy Birte Bjørneseth

Anne Haugen Gausdal (ph.d.-leader)

Bjarne Vandeskog

Egil Pedersen

Henrique M. Gaspar

Karina Hjelmervik

Xiaoqin Hu

Bjørn Morten Batalden

Hans Petter Hildre

Halvor Schøyen

Ed Galea

Lokukaluge Prasad Perera

Vilmar Æsøy

Salman Nazir Margareta Lützhöft

Houxiang Zhang

Steven Mallam

Karl Henning Halse

Kristin Falk




Noureddine Bouhmala


Bjarte Knappen-Røed

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