In a World of Total War: Norway 1939-45

Work packages


A: Grand Strategy and the Small State: The Great Powers, the German Assault and Norwegian Wartime Alliances, headed by Tom Kristiansen, led by Tom Kristiansen.

This work package sets out to explore how Norway positioned itself within the changing configuration of great and small powers in Northern Europe from the late 1930s, and how these changes affected Norwegian security thinking. More specifically, it aims to cover subjects not addressed by previous research, such as Soviet policy and the far north as an area of incipient Great Power rivalry, a pattern which later became evident during the Cold War

B: The Occupation Regime: Ambitions and Responses, led by Hans Otto Frøland. 

The main aim of this work package is to develop a comprehensive understanding of the occupation regime in Norway – both its intentions, institutions and projects. In studying how it actually functioned, it will further be possible to explain the reactions of different groups in Norwegian society in the various grey zones between ideological collaboration and resistance. 

C: Everyday Life and Minorities in the North: Comparison and Pericentrism, led by Marianne Neerland Solheim.

The work package will  offer a comparative perspective on the  German occupationand  its effects on Northern Norway, Northwest Russia and Northern Finland, with regard to everyday life and the position of minorities.

D:The Memory of War and Occupation: led by Sigurd Sørlie. 

The work package will analyze the heated and recurring post-war debate about the invasion and military defeat in the spring of 1940 and look at the role of state institutions and elite actors in shaping the Norwegian memory culture after 1945.

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