Side event at Arctic Frontiers 2020: Enforcement Beyond National Jurisdiction

Areas beyond national jurisdiction were until recently neither much exploited nor regulated. This is now changing. Deep sea fishing, search for genetic resources, deep see mining, counterterrorism etc. calls for effective regulation and effective enforcement of the rules. Which enforcement possibilities are there, which are needed and how does the enforcement possibilities limit the regulatory ambitions?


  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan
  • Norwegian Centre for the Law of the Sea
  • Scandinavian Institute of Maritime Law


Moderator: Professor Tore Henriksen, Norwegian Centre for the Law of the Sea.


  • Short welcome adresses, Kazumi Yamada, Embassey of Japan in Norway and Erik Røsæg, University of Oslo

  • The basis for enforcement jurisdiction, Kentaro Nishimoto, Associate Professor, Tohoku University
  • The possibilities to take action, Henrik Ringbom, Professor Åbo Akademi University, Norwegian Centre for the Law of the Sea, Scandinavian Institute of Maritime Law
  • Enforcing the Law of Environmental Impact Assessments in the Areas Beyond National Jurisdiction, Akiko Okamatsu, Professor, Hosei University
  • The Efficacy of flag state jurisdiction in the Arctic-Polar Code issues and beyond, Jan Solski, Postdoctoral Fellow, Norwegian Centre for the Law of the Sea
  • Criminal sanctions to enforce rights and duties beyond national jurisdiction, Alla Pozdnakova, Professor, Scandinavian Institute of Maritime Law


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When: 28. January 2020 at 16.15–17.45
Where: Clarion Hotel the Edge
Location / Campus: Tromsø
Target group: All
Responsible: Christin Skjervold
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