Trial lecture - Jon-Håkon Schultz

Dr. polit. Jon-Håkon Schultz will on September 17 at 10.15 hold his trial lecture for the dr.philos degree in Humanities and Social Sciences.

 about the following subject: 


"Discuss strengths and challenges of an interdisciplinary approach to psychosocial interventions after potentially traumatising human-made events, paying particular attention to cultural context and differing cultural assumptions regarding intervention."


You can follow the trial lecture live stream (Mediasite) here


Disputas starts 12:15 PM the same day, where he will publically defend his thesis:

“Dealing with fear: Managing life-threatening events in different cultural contexts. An empirical study with case design using qualitative interviews and participant observation.”



UiT follows the national guidelines regarding infection control. A maximum of 66 people are allowed in the auditorium during the trial lecture and defence, attendance requires registration for the event.

When: 17. September 2021 at 10.15–11.00
Where: TEO-H1 1.836-AUD2
Location / Campus: Digital, Tromsø
Target group: Employees, Students, Guests, Invited
Responsible: Michael Sverdrup Stenberg

Deadline: 17.09.2021
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