Gender in Sápmi: Opening workshop

We invite to an opening workshop for the project Gender in Sápmi. What is the current research status? How should research be done? What are the research needs? 

Gender in Sápmi is a project that crosses borders and disciplines. It needs to be studied through different methods and fields, opening for text studies, fieldwork, archive studies, and narratives, to name a few. The project has a local dimension, with the explicit connection to Sámi communities, a national dimension, meant both in an overarching Sámi context and in the Nordic contexts, and an international dimension, with the global community of Indigenous peoples and research and of gender research. 

A main aim of this project is to establish this as a field of research at UiT. Collaboration is a key to achieve this. Thus, we aim to include participants from different academic institutions and from Sámi institutions across the borders. Reciprocity, relationality, and participation are important methodological values.


In this online-workshop, we invite interested scholars, students, institutions and stakeholders to join in on the conversation about gender in Sápmi, and about how research can and should be done.

The workshop is the first arrangement within the project, and is aiming to: 

  • Gather scholars and other stakeholders with an interest in gender studies in the Sami context. 
  • Identify and discuss future research needs and research collaborations within the field of gender research in Sápmi.
  • Contribute in pointing out the direction, content and future strategies of the project Gender in Sápmi.

Participation is free of charge. Registration is due on 1 March. The workshop language is English.  


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Welcome and introduction to the project. Torjer Olsen, Anna-Lill Drugge, Anne-Hedvig Nordsletta and Hege Kristin Andreassen  13:00
What is the current research status and where are the knowledge gaps? Discussion in break out rooms  13:30
How should research be done? Preferred methods and academic approaches. Discussion in break out rooms.  14:10
Sum up and closing remarks. Anna-Lill Drugge, Hege Kristin Andreassen and Torjer Olsen  14:40
When: 03.03.22 at 13.00–15.00
Where: Online
Location / Campus: Tromsø
Target group: Students, Guests, Invited, Unit, Employees
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