Introduction to innovative competencies in organisations: emotional intelligence and personal growth

4 days online workshop about "Emotional intelligence and personal growth". The workshop is open for registration for academics, non-academics and students from UiT The Arctic University of Norway, Technical University of Varna, Alicante University, The University of Edinburgh & university of applied sciences burgenland.

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Assami Rösner
Associate professor, Universitetssykehuset Nord-Norge, UiT The Arctic University of Norway
Antonio Antón Baeza
Associate professor, Department of Business and Management, Faculty of Economics, University of Alicante

Workshop objectives:

  • Gaining the knowledge which is needed regarding the contents of leadership, competencies, and communication in order to integrate them in functional areas.
  • Boosting the teamwork´s productivity by using both international leadership and management emotional skills.
  • Developing the use of formal and informal communication techniques in the firm with the aim of developing successful strategic decisions.
  • Encouraging students to stick to a meditation routine to increase their productivity.
  • Improving conflicts by dealing with them not only with positive thinking but also with the understanding of criticism.
  • Boosting the self-esteem of students to improve their decision-making process.



1. Introduction of emotional intelligence.

1.1 Emotional intelligence definition.
1.2 Classification of innovative competencies.
1.3 Leadership and emotions.


2. Self-awareness competencies.
2.1.- How the brain works.
2.2.- Emotions within working place.

3. Self-management competencies.
3.1 Importance of self-control in communication process.
3.2 How to improve communication by using emotional tools.
3.3 Decision making and emotional intelligence.


4. Social awareness competencies.
4.1. Interpreting body language.
4.2. Managing our nonverbal communication.
4.3. Empathy.

5. Relationship management competencies
5.1. Handling and resolving conflict: assertiveness.
5.2. Teamwork within emotional intelligence
5.3. Motivating and inspiring competencies.


6. Personal growth

The second part of the workshop comprises lectures and exercises about inner experience

The themes are about different aspects of the “true self”:

  • Inner guidance
  • Presence
  • Inner blocks
  • Openings through not knowing


Length of workshop: 16 hours, 4 hours per day



Contents of the course will be presented and explained, introducing and outlining the different topics concerning international leadership competencies and communication. The student will get an introduction ot the use of different tools for continuous personal growth and presence.

In addition to this, lectures will be supplemented by further suggested readings and practical assignments and practical exercises in class.


Students will work in groups to generate both responses and solutions with regard to practical assignments which will be presented by the lecturer as a business consultant or coaching after finishing the proper theory contents. Students should interact with other groups so as to defend their responses by showing accurate knowledge of the contents explained in class. In addition, meditation exercises will carry out at class in order to state the importance of mental fitness as a competence.

The students will be guided to dive into the process of exploration of the inner self. In groups of two or three the students will learn new tools of self-exploration as 1. Inquiry; 2. “Feeding your demons”(an old Buddhist approach); Presence-exercises


Global assessment:

The learning process will be assessed on a continuous basis.

For this course it is important that the students attend full presence with video. There is a lot of space for questions and answers.

Starts: 04.04.23 at 12.00
Ends: 07.04.23 at 16.00
Where: Online
Location / Campus: Digital
Target group: Students, Guests, Invited, Unit, Employees
Contact: Tamer Abu-Alam
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