Nostos in Ancient Greek storytelling was the principle of homecoming – the return of a hero to his home – his ‘Oikos’ - at the end of a long journey.

New Direction together with Foreningen for alle konservative studenter and the Roger Scruton Legacy Foundation are pleased to present the first Nostos conference in Oslo. Bringing together students and scholars from across Scandinavia to discuss what it means to be a conservative. The conference will focus on the life and legacy of the late English philosopher Sir Roger Scruton, who for many years served as the intellectual backbone of the European conservative movement.

The modern political landscape is dominated by the consequences of alienation – from family, from community, from tradition. However, the work of Roger Scruton emphasizes our fundamental human need for belonging. At the core of his political philosophy is his notion of our shared home; the Nostos Conference will be part of our journey there. Through exploring relevant aspects of Scruton’s thinking, like Oikos, Green Philosophy, Beauty and the Nation, we will seek to build a constructive vision for the future of conservatism in Europe.

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When: 21.05.22 at 08.30–22.00
Where: Hotel Bristol
Location / Campus: Other
Target group: Students
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