ARC mini symposium

ARC, UiT's Arctic Centre for Sustainable Energy, will host a half-day mini symposium where we will present our flagship projects, showcase the scope of ARC's interdisciplinary research and present findings from ARC-funded projects. 


12:00 – Lunch at Teorifagskantina (please register here before Monday 3rd of October if you want to attend the lunch)

12:30 – Welcome and opening

12:35 – ARC overview and status: Yngve Birkelund, ARC leader 

12:50 – Presentation of ARC projects 

  • Smart Senja and Renew: Berit Kristoffersen, Associate Professor in Political Science, HSL
  • AlgScaleUp: Hans Christopher Bernstein, Associate Professor in Microbiology and Chemical Engineering, BFE

13:50 – Break 

14:00 – ARC's interdisciplinary work 

  • ARC methodology: Ove Aigner Haukenes, M.A. student, HSL
  • Cellulose degrading Cuscuta enzymes: Kirsten Krause, Professor in Plant Molecular Biology, BFE
  • Nanomaterials for renewable energy: Abhik Ghosh, Professor in Inorganic and Materials Chemistry, NFT

15:00 – Break 

15:15 Group discussions on ARC’s thematic research areas (Teorifagbygget hus 1, floor 3):

  • Transportation and hydrogen
  • Digitalization
  • Energy systems
  • Carbon capture and biomass utilization
  • Advanced materials
  • Power generation
  • Society and ethics

16:00 – End of the day

16:15 – Social gathering at Bazinga with drinks and snacks

(The program is subject to change)


When: 12. October 2022 at 12.00–16.15
Where: Teorifagbygget Auditorium 1 (1.820)
Location / Campus: Tromsø
Target group: Students, Invited
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