The Ocean Incubator Network Workshop

We are gearing up for our much-anticipated workshop set to take place this May at the Arctic House in Copenhagen. Coordinators Margherita Poto and Laura Vita are putting the finishing touches on the Introduction to the Learning Toolkit, a cornerstone resource for the event and our future publication.

In preparation for the workshop, dedicated booklets have been prepared for the groups to utilize while they engage in their assignments. These materials are designed to facilitate learning and collaboration, ensuring that each participant can contribute effectively to the workshop's objectives.

Our illustrator Valentina Russo is currently crafting the visual frameworks that will guide the workshop's activities, bringing clarity and creativity to the learning experience. These visual aids will serve as a roadmap, helping to navigate the content and discussions that will unfold.

We are working to make sure that the entire content of the workshop and our ethics align with the UArctic values, which emphasize inclusivity, inspiration, a circumpolar perspective, openness, collaboration, and respect. These principles are at the heart of our mission and are reflected in all our endeavors.

To illustrate our commitment to these values, Laura developed an infographic that captures the essence of the Ocean Incubator Network's mission to create an environment that is inclusive, inspirational, circumpolar, open, collaborative, and respectful.

We look forward to welcoming our participants to what promises to be an enriching and transformative experience, as we collectively deepen our understanding of ocean literacy and work towards a more sustainable future.

Infographic created by Laura Vita, 2024.

Starts: 01.05.24 at 09.00
Ends: 07.05.24 at 16.00
Where: Arctic House Copenhagen
Location / Campus: Tromsø, Other
Target group: Invited
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