Event: City Hall reception

When: Wednesday 6 November  at 7:00 PM  
Venue: Tromsø City Hall - Rådhuset, Rådhusgata 2, Tromsø (town centre)
Free entrance


Greetings by Tromsø's mayor, Jens johan Hjort
Light refreshments
Short performance: "Kven er finsk" (Who is finnish) 

At the opening reception of the Tromsø International Conference on Language Diversity,  
Kristina Junttila shows a shortened version of her performance “Kven er finsk” (Who is Finnish).* 
“Kven er finsk” is a performance on language fixation, the uncontrollable in being multilingual and
the issue of Kristina Junttila being Finnish or Norwegian. Apparently Kristina alternates with
ease between Finnish and Norwegian languages. She always heard that multi-lingual’s has
a better adaption to the world, and more slowly becomes demented. At the same time, languages  
are as personal as a body, and the times when she cannot cope with the effort to speak pure
Norwegian or true Finnish, it feels like a defeat. Kristina leaves to the audience to vote on
whether she is Finnish or Norwegian!

Kven er finsk/Who is Finnish is developed by Kristina Junttila
in collaboration with the theatre Ferske Scener

*The word Kven is here a pun. While it is the term for a person of Finnish
descent in Northern Norway, it also means ‘who’ (in Nynorsk Norwegian).

Event:  Language and film

When: Thursday 7 November  at 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM
Venue: Verdensteatret Film Culture House, Storgata 93 B, Tromsø (town centre)
Tickets: Free entrance

Linguistic anthropological movies from the North at the Tromsø International Conference
on Language Diversity! Filmmaker and linguist Sirkka Seljevold and linguist Åse Mette
Johansen are giving introductions to the films ”The Language of my Heart” and
”Språkfølelser”  (Language Emotions).


As a part of Språkåret 2013 (the Norwegian Language Year 2013) this film screening
is the 4th and last one in the programme “Language and film” organised by the
research group Language and Society at University of Tromsø –
The Arctic University of Tromsø.