Book of Abstracts

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Book of Abstracts

Keynote Speakers

Beesley, Kenneth R.: The Application of the Xerox Finite State Toolkit to Languages around the World

Berthele, Raphael: Bricolage and abduction in genealogically related languages - Investigations into the multilingual repertoire at work.

Bialystok, Ellen: Bilingualism: Consequences for Mind and Brain

Forcada, Mikel: Free/open-source machine translation as a tool for the preservation of language diversity

King, Kendall: Why is this so hard? Endangerment, ideology, and Ojibwe language learning strategies

Shohamy, Elana: The role of Linguistic Landscape as a focus of negotiations and protesting in the public space





Anderssen, Merete and Westergaard, Marit: Complexity, frequency and structural (dis)similarity in bilingual Norwegian-English child and heritage language

Babushkina, Elena and Namdakova, Ayana: Acquiring English intonation in linguistically diverse classrooms

Bratland, Kari and Tkachenko, Elena: Second language students in early childhood education and their meeting with new academic literacy practices

Cancino, Rita: The Mapuche conflict in Chile: The linguistic struggle - a future hope of revitalization and recognition?


Coelho, Daniela: Language Diversity: communicative potentialities of an Awakening to Languages approach


Eide, Kristin Melum and Hjelde, Arnstein: Verb movement and finiteness in Norwegian varieties of the American Midwest


Fretland, Jan Olav: Rhetorical Analysis of an Internet Debate on the Status of New Norwegian in Norway


Gautam, Bhim Lal: Language Policy & Linguistic Diversity in Nepal: Some Observations


Grenoble, Lenore and Olsen, Puju Carl Chr.: Circumpolar collaboration and indigenous-drive initiatives: Arctic indigenous language vitality


Grimstad, Maren Berg; Lohndal, Terje; Åfarli, Tor Anders: Aspects of a formal theory of bilingualism


Helander, Kaisa Rautio: Indigenous Place Names as Part of Linguistic Diversity: Challenges to the Officialization of Indigenous Place Names


Helander, Nils Øivind: Functional bilingualism in Sámi and Norwegian. Challenges achieving the objectives of The Sami Curriculum for Knowledge Promotion in Primary and Secondary Education and Training


Hilton, Nanna Haug: The role of standard language ideology in language contact


Hiss, Florian: “I know the language … So use it!” – Managing responsibilities in a research interview


Janda, Laura and Nesset, Tore: Russian Language Technology: Tomorrow’s Russenorsk?


Joubert, Aurelie: The perception of linguistic diversity: some ideological effects of unilingual language policies in France


Kiss, Attila: Learners’ language ideologies about historical minority languages: Romanians learning Hungarian and Finns learning Swedish


Kleemann, Carola: Play in two languages. How bilingual children use Norwegian and North-Sámi in role-play.


Koreman, Jaques et al.: Dealing with language diversity in teaching foreigners Norwegian pronunciation


Laihonen, Petteri: Talk about Linguistic Landscape (LL): analysis of interviews among Hungarian entrepreneurs in Slovakia


Ledesma, Heloise Marie and Oppedal, Brit: Bilingualism and Executive Function in Children of Immigrants


Ledesma, Heloise Marie; Oppedal, Brit and Idsoe, Thormod: The Role of Language in the Social Integration of Turkish Immigrant Parents and their Children


Lunde, Katrin: Language Structure Programmes the Brain


Maliniemi, Kaisa and Niiranen, Leena: Language technology used in revitalization of Kven: Problems and Possibilities


Maruyama, Hiroshi: Japan's policy toward Ainu language: Does the revitalisation of Ainu language mean language emancipation?


Pivot, Benedicte: Managing minority language diversity in a French region: francoprovençal in Rhône-Alpes


Ravndal, Ellen and Holiman, Sidsel: Development of bimodal multilingualism in a child with cochlear implants


Seid, Samson: Ethnic Language Shift: the Case of Nao


Seid, Samson and Ongaye Oda: A study on Linguistic Diversity and Biodiversity Nexus: the Case of Kaffa Zone, SNNPR


Surkalovic, Dragana: Teacher’s Linguistic Competence in Teaching English to Multilingual Children in Norway


Svennevig , Jan; Unn Røyneland; Veronica Pajaro: Claiming and rejecting a Norwegian identity in conversation


Szabó, Tamás Péter: Linguistic Diversity in Schoolscapes in Hungary


Tien, Adrian: When is the language users’ language truly bilingual, and when is it not? Contemporary Chinese lexicon as evidence of language diversity and (re)vitalisation in Singapore


Tkachenko, Elena: Language diversity in Norwegian pre-schools: what languages should pre-school practitioners speak in their work and what command of majority language is required?


Wójtowicz, Radosław: Language diversity for beginners


Woldemichael, Endashaw: Hegemony and Negotiation in Pluralist Ethiopia: The Zay Language Story


Zamiatin, Aleksandr: Language Shift and Maintenance among young Udmurts