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Size: maximum 95 x 124 cm (width x height)

Abstract information

All abstracts must be submitted through the online abstract form, regardless of type of presentation. Abstracts submitted through other channels (email etc.) will not be accepted.

* Title may include up to 25 words, capitalized except for articles, conjunctions and prepositions.

* Authors and affiliations are added according to the form, remember to tick off for the presenting author.

The abstract is limited to 250 words, excl. title and author information, and must be typed in English.

* The oral and/or poster abstract should be structured by the following sections: Background and Objectives, Methods, Results and Conclusions.

* The workshop abstract should be structured by the following sections: Background, Aim, Topics to be addressed, Learning outcomes and Reading suggestions.

* Abbreviations must be spelled out in full text at first mention, followed by abbreviation in parenthesis. Only general standard abbreviations for e.g. millilitres, seconds, and moles may be used without explanation.

* Abstracts presenting students’ work in progress may be accepted even if their results are not finalized at the date of abstract submission (see tick-off box). However, the abstract must provide some preliminary results.

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Abstract publishing

The abstracts will appear online, and not in hard copy, although they will be referenced in a hard copy of the journal and likewise will be indexed in all indexing services currently serving RSAP, including but not limited to, Web of Knowledge, PubMed, International Pharmaceutical Abstracts, and PsycInfo.

NSPC and abstract authors agree to transfer copyright of published abstracts to Elsevier. Resubmission of the abstract to any other conference, including “encore” or similar such presentation categories, requires permission of the RSAP Editor and corresponding Elsevier Publisher. Abstracts can be published in hard copy of any conference proceedings, but may be published digitally only in reference to the url created in RSAP upon their acceptance and availability as a corrected proof. Abstracts will be published in RSAP online as part of Volume 21 in an issue sometime in 2023, pending submission by conference organizers. . 

RSAP’s Editor reserves the right to perform minor copyediting of abstracts for typographical or grammar errors. It is not the intent to make substantive changes or edits to any abstract. If any abstract is deemed for whatever reason to require significant changes, the conference organizer(s) will be contacted.