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Pigga Keskitalo

Professor (PhD) Pigga Keskitalo (1972) works as a professor of education, specifically in Arctic Perspectives in education. She works with the research projects that concern teacher education, Sami language and teaching, Sami perspectives in teaching, indigenous research methodology and research ethics and in addition to, distance learning and digitization of teaching. She has previously worked in Norway for 20 years with Sami teacher training. Her PhD in education dealt with Sami School and curriculum in Norway (University of Lapland in 2010). She is Sami-speaking and comes from Utsjok, Finland but currently lives in Enontekis, Finland. She sits in the UArctic and UNESCO/UNITWIN teacher education networks for social justice and equity. She has written many books on Sami education and school history and worked with indigenous perspectives together with global research groups.

Claudia Lenz
Claudia Lenz is professor of social science and chair for the prevention of antisemitism and racism at MF Norwegian School of Theology, Religion, and Society, and research professor at The Norwegian Center for Holocaust and Minority Studies. She is one of the co-founders of Dembra (Democratic readiness against racism and antisemitism) and head of Dembra for teacher education. She currently is a member of the Norwegian government's Commission on Extremism.
Torjer Olsen

Torjer A. Olsen (b. 1975) is professor in Indigenous studies at The Centre for Sámi Studies, UiT The Arctic University of Norway. His research interests include Indigenous education, gender and/in Indigenous research, and Christianity in Sápmi.

Hilde Sollid

Hilde Sollid (b. 1970) is professor, Department of Language and Culture, UiT The Arctic University of Norway. Her field of research is sociolinguistics, focusing on language policy, language ideology and multilingualism in educational contexts in Northern Norway.

Sollid and Olsen are the editors of the book Indigenising Education and Citizenship Perspectives on Policies and Practices From Sápmi and Beyond.